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133... and not quite finished... :)


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When I originally posted 80 and I thought my season was over, it turns out we have the season that won't quit.  Now up to 85, could get a possible 5 more.  90 is still short of my record - 93 - but I am still making up for a big ZERO in 05/06 when I was sidelined with illness.  And "the list" (of stuff to do) just keeps on growing...

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Originally Posted by LouD-Reno View Post

133... and not quite finished... :)




* cool video

*  is that a stabilization feature that is making the frames jump? 

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*  is that a stabilization feature that is making the frames jump? 
Yeah.... when uploaded to youtube there was the option to stabilize... it really did improve it.... but it ain't perfect smile.gif
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35 today.

1st at A-Basin.

Last day of my 42nd year (3rd skiing).

Traded up the day pass for a three pack...

...which is in danger of being traded up for a Spring pass...

...which becomes in danger of being traded up for a 13/14 pass...
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So looks like things will slew to a halt at 48. So near, so far...

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Snowing right now in Omaha - pretty odd for May 1.  I think we're supposed to get 5" tonight.

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Think I finished with right around 100

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This season I skied 22 total days. For someone in the SE, I think that is pretty good. When you look at the variety of resorts, I think it's great! These were spread out over 4 trips out west:

Whistler - 3
Alta - 2
Snowbird - 2
Snowbasin - 2
Deer Valley - 2
Loveland - 2
Solitude - 2
Brighton - 1
A Basin - 1
Park City - 1
Canyons - 1
Sugar - 1
Beech - 1
Winter place - 1
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Just back from a week of great Spring skiing at Mt Bachelor - so all done this season at 76 ski days.

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Well, with a still solid 9' of snowpack, 85 degrees in Spokane, clear skies at Schweitzer, I added another day to my total for the year this past Saturday. A buddy of mine and I  bootpacked and skinned from the Schweitzer village at 4,600' to the top of the triple at 6,400' and skied a couple of runs on the face then back to the village. It was really nice to get some spring skiing in, since closing weekend at Schweitzer involved 9" of new overnight and storm skiing all day that Saturday. This time, we even got to wear shorts!  Here's some shots from the day.


Standing on top with Lake Pend O'Reille as a backdrop:






Harvesting some corn down the face:





Jeff checking out the view





Jeff getting ready to ski the cream





Jeff churning the butter





Pray for snow???





All in all, a fun way to waste away a Saturday. Maybe time to get some more this weekend and increase my ski day count one more time.

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Day 61 but the season looks doomed within a week or so.


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