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Using the Kastle Product Finder for Sizing and Replacing 8000's

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I am wondering how people have found the Kastle Product Finder for sizing skis in terms of accuracy and utility. When I use the settings of Expert, Very Good Fitness, 180 lbs (body only, no gear), 6' 2", Balanced Application, and ≤ 40% powder, it seems to always put me on the longest of the skis in each model.


I am looking to replace a pair of 79 mm width Legend 8000's (178 cm) and was thinking that the FX84 (184 cm recommended by the website) may be a good choice and it might even suit me better for a combination of off-piste and on-piste skiing.


What have others found in the appropriateness of the recommendations?




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Figured I'd give this a shot since I've skied a bunch of the line. I'm a level 8... I'd say advanced, not expert. I chose average fitness. If I put in expert, it's giving me one size larger than I like for the MX78, FX94, and BMX 88 and 98. It's giving me the right size for the MX 88 and FX84.


If I put in intermediate it gives me one size shorter for the MX78, FX 94, and BMX 88 and 98. It keeps MX88 the same. So I guess intermediate gives me the right sizes.


FWIW, I'm in between sizes on a few of the Kastle skis, such as the MX78 and FX84 (and probably even the MX88 if I'm using it in the east). 


If you're questioning the size, might be worth your while to find a place to demo.

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or you could get an Outland 87 or Outland 80 Pro in 178 or 18x lengths both of which would be worthy replacements for your 8000s and the logical progression.

Plus you'd save money.

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Thanks all,


Yeah, trying to decide between the 176 and 184 cm FX84's is a really tough call without demoing. But it's impossible to find the Kastle lines to demo in Seattle area, closest is down in the Portland area. Had a chance to try the 178 cm MX88 last week in CO, but the conditions would not have been fair - mostly solid crust and ice. Also, I didn't want to chance the demos on the multitude of exposed rocks on the slopes there.


If I stick to ≤ 40% powder, the finder lists the FX84 as a viable choice (In reality I probably ski more heavy off-piste snow/powder/crud in the PNW at Crystal than that 40% might indicate). Like you Kauffee, I seem to be in between the 176 and 184 with the intermediate setting giving me the former and the expert the latter. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I set my weight from my body weight 180 lbs up to at least 200 lbs ( all geared up?), with the intermediate always giving me 176.


It's a tough call without testing.


Anyone else out there with experience on the FX84 sizing?


(Oh, I should also add that I also have a pair of 183 cm iM82's which is a nice damp ski for soft snow and crud but isn't as quick as my old Legends. If I buy and really like the FX84's, I could also maybe mount them up for some backcountry stuff).




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Do you like short or long radius turns?
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Not to be impertinent, smile.gif  but it all depends on where I am. If I am on a wide open slope and can open it up, long radius turns are great. But if I am on a narrow path between walls of a chute or in the trees, quick turns are a necessity. I realize I can alway jump the turns in the chute, but that is more difficult in the trees. I understand everything is a compromise. The question is which compromise is less formidable, ie. which way to err? More towards the quick-turning shorter ski or the longer-turn ski. Since this would be more of a single-quiver ski and might even become my AT ski, I am thinking that the shorter length may be more appropriate. Just haven't and won't be able to demo them. 



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I am 6', 190lb, and MX88 in 178 was feeling a tad too short a couple day I rented them.  For your weight and size you should be generally OK on a a low 180's ski.    FX84 is the Davenport backcountry mode, isn't it?  If so, its pretty light, and nimble, so you may want to extra length anyway. 


BTW. don't all the demo shops in CO sell damage insurance? 

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Hi Alex,


Good to hear from you - we've exchanged posts over the last couple of years. There was only one shop in Breck that had the Kastle's, and most of the ones they had were unmounted yet and the shop was "reluctant" to let them out (due to the poor snow coverage). Never asked about the insurance coverage for the single MX88 they had, but it has been my experience at various places that the limited insurance coverage would cover  base scratches/minor divots and minimal edge "dulling" but would not cover full core-shots nor dented edges/crushed sidewall, the latter two of which is exactly what occurred on my personal Legends during that trip. Should have asked, but the shop owner specifically mentioned his reluctance in general to let out $1000+ skis for demos with the ridiculously low snow Summit County has right now.


So, Alex, while the MX series is a traditional ski, it is interesting to note that it seemed to ride a bit short even though you, if I recall correctly, and I are both about the same size and skied both the Legends 8000 (and MR) in 178 length. I guess it all depends on the ski. Even based on reading the various posts on this site, not sure how equivalent sizing for the FX series compares with the MX.  Yeah, the FX-series is supposed to be more of the Davenport backcountry ski although the TX-series is the true touring mode ski - more emphasis on long days of slogging rather than going down. If I still had my Legend 8000's in good shape, I might consider the FX94; but I also can get a good deal on the FX84's right now.



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Ha...  I was in Aspen, and I swear, Kastle is the most popular rental ski there, every shop rents them out in every conceivable model and length, and every shmuck on the slope seems to have a pair of Kastle skis (and a personal instructor by his side).  Everyone sells insurance and it covers everything except theft (I asked).  The conditions were indeed atrocious, that's why I stopped using my personal Bonafides after the first day and rented the Kastles.  MX88 is a very lovely ski, by the way.  Well, actually, an awesome ski.   

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Should have skied in Aspen rather than Breck!!! smile.gif


Still don't know, though, if I would have been allowed to - I am not one of the pretty crowd. Ha Ha!!

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I'm 5'11 and 185. I ski the MX78 in 178, the old MX 98 in 176, and the BMX 128 in 188.

The MX 78 doesn't have a speed limit that I have found. I've probably had it up to 50+ MPH and it is planted. The 178 length gives you a ski that you can make lots of SLTs (JH speak for shitty little turns) or open it up for GS. After skiing on this ski quite a bit, my preferred turn type has changed to a much more dynamic short turn -- I love the energy out of this ski.

Sure, you can go longer, but why? You stated that you sometimes need those short turns. I'd probably go for the 178 if I were in your boat.

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Ahhh, the beloved 8k's. Still have a pair on the least coast, and some MR's in SLC. Still a great ski. The ones that have come afterwards - ummm, not so much, and the Chams were (in my opinion) dreadful.


So anyway, I'm shorter and lighter than others (5:8, 160), and I find that the Kastle's tend to ski long. I have a buddy at WB who likes the 180+ sizes, but he's also sometimes in some of the MSP ski porn, so not a good example.


At WB I have MX88 in 168, LX92 in 174 and MX108 in 177 (the "Hugo Harrison" series). I downsized the MX88's from 178, just because I couldn't get them to feel right. I was on MX83's in 174 and thought they were perfect. Was sking with buds who had 190+ atomic GS skis a couple of weekends ago at WB, and I was ahead on my little Kastle's the whole time.


Nobody demo's them in Sea? Take a trip to WB and Fanatyko has the who series available for demo.

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