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Nordica W8-W

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I am considering the Nordica W8-W. Tried a zillion brands and models at countless stores, found this one to be the most comfortable. But 23 was too big and the ski shop is ordering a 22.5 for me to try (the smallest size available). If it is still too big, where do I go from there? Is the junior Beast comparible? Does it come in a 22?

I am an adv-int skier, sking Volant Vertex Epic 155's, 5'0, 110lbs. East coast blues & blacks are my domain, typical eastern snow conditions, no bumps.

The W8-W's flex seems pretty good to me... I don't think I want to go too stiff, because I don't want to be jolted around by a hard skiing boot, plus also I have a backseat tendency. Should these be good for my kind of skiing? How laterally stiff are they compared to the higher up models in the same line?

Hey! How come women's boots dont come any smaller? What do women do who have really small feet? Mine are size 7 which is average!
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I am also looking at that same line of boots, I am going to get the W 11 though, which is stiffer. I am not sure if 22's are available, but the 22.5 and 22 have the exact same shell, the only difference is the liner. There is really no such thing as a half size in boot shells, just the liner will differ. Generally to make the boot fit snugger they just have a thicker footbed in the liner. If you have custom footbeds it wouldn't matter which one you got. If you don't have custom footbeds the 22's would feel snugger because the footbed that the 22's come with will take up more room in the liner (as opposed to the thinner footbed in the 22.5), making a smaller space for your foot. I have heard from many people that the Nordica W8 W11 etc is a great line of boots. I can't wait to get mine! Also just remember that the most important thing is how the boot fits. If you have to buy a boot that is too stiff to get the model that fits you best you can take it to a good bootfitter and they can soften the flex.

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Ladies [ perhaps R.G. already has read this on another post,]

We used to ski 10 or so years ago with a couple and she was a very accomplished skier, but petite in both size and foot.

She skied in Junior Race competition boots. So my suggestion is that if have to go down a size, a junior boot can be a possible solution to your fit problems. If the flex isn't sufficent, try the competiton model of the boot that fits best.

Don't forget that as you try on boots that you put some custom sole inserts blanks in the boot. You want custom foot beds, unless of course you are in that 10% whose feet are perfect.

Also, get your boots aligned as well, very important for today's shaped skis. Yes, both cost some additional money but.....
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