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2008 Atomic SL 12 FIS race stock

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Hi Everyone,


I am new to this site but wanted to post a question.


I jsut got a great deal on a set of 2012 Atomic SL12 race stock skis in new condition.  I am wondering if anyone has any opinions on this ski or have skied them?  I will be using this ski for everyday all mountain skiing, mostly on groomers but alittle tree skiing in the Northeast.


First off I have been skiing for almost 30 years, I am 33 and 5'9, 160lbs and in good shape.  I have done alittle racing when I was a kid but none since and would classify myself a skilled skier or advanced.  I have skied Volkl Racetiger SL's for the past 6 years and have really liked them but the edges are worn so I started thinking of getting new skies and came accross the Atomics at a price I couldnt refuse.  I wanted to stay with a slalom ski because I like the responsiveness and just find them fun to ski.  Also everything else I have tried in comparison with a slalom ski just feels sluggish to me.


Does anyone have any opinions on my switch from 2006 Volkl Racetiger SL to 2008 Atomic SL12 race stock?  My concern is that they will be too stiff for me.  They currently have a 3/1 bevel but I would consider changing to a 2/1 to make them alittle more friendly.  Any thoughts?  thanks in advance for the feedback.

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I have four pair of Atomic SL 11 the series before your. Actually two pair early and two pair later versions. I love them and for about seven years they were my everyday skis, I mean every day, on or off trail, groomed or powder. I am quite a bit heavier then you so I can not comment on stiffness because they all feel great to me. The "speed limit" is higher than I would have imagined with this type of ski.


They are no longer my everyday driver I moved on to the Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot 188, 101 under foot which has a 14m side cut. The Ullr's are more off piste friendly but I still ski the SL's on groomer days. Stay with the 1/3 angles it always works for me. Have fun!

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Thanks fr the reply. Has anyone skied the race sl12 ski before?

Does anyone ski slalom skis for their everyday ski?
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C'mon guys, really? No one has skied the Atomic Race SL12? I would love to hear some opinions and thoughts.
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OK, i was a bit confused because you talked about a 2012 SL12 (which does not exist) and the 208 SL12  which is what I assume you are actually referring to. Yes, i have skied the race stock version  (I assume it is this one you have rather than the consumer version)  It was  one of the best sl skis at the time although they have moved on a long way from there.  I never felt any difference between the 2007 (or was it 2006?) Sl 11 and the 2008 Sl 12 apart from  the graphics. It will be a bit beefier than your Volkl and a better ski in my experience.  still see a lot of them around in use as a coaching ski.   Do NOT change to 1/2.  these should never go below 3 on the side edge.  Going down to 2 would make them harder to use rather than easier.  


Given that you are used to a slalom ski they will not be a surprise to you.  Don't be put off by some of the dire warnings you will see here warning about how they will eat your first-born, many of which come from people who have never been on a real slalom ski. snowfight.gif   


Oh and put 1018s on them which are bombproof rather than the 614s which can break

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Thanks for the reply.  You are right, I accidently described the skis as 2012 when they are in fact 2008 Atomic Race SL12 racestock...maybe that explains why I have gotten little response to this thread?  Do you think this ski will work well as an everyday ski?  I ski in northeast and the conditions are usually hard and crusty/ice so another reason I prefer a slalom ski is because of the excellent edge hold and response.  I also like to ski glades, do you think this ski will be too stiff to ski glades?  Thanks for your reply and I am really looking forward to trying them out.  I will be able to get some time in next weekend.  I hope the weather is good.  Thanks.

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