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Ski: 2001/02 TENEX @ 184CM
Binding: Linken Plate with extra lifter, anti-snow mod
Boots: Crispi CXR
Skier:5'9" and 205lbs Level 9
Tune: Right out of the package with factory tune and whatever wax was within reach.
Snow: beautiful man made Ohow Powda, snow guns a bastin.

Very lively ski while at the same time, very stable. The ski was stiff and demanding and at the same time, had a large sweet spot. I dare say that some tip and tail detuning would make this ski forgiving enough for an advanced intermediate to enjoy. For a fat ski, its fairly quick edge to edge. If skied with good technique, the ski is nimble and progressively engages the tips at turn transition in a very predictable way. I have not skied these on ice but my guess is that because the ski is stiff, the ski will chatter if skidded and deliver great grip if carved. Overall the ski is Atomic all the way and is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Will definitely take them to Fernie. Them Linken bindings are still sweet eh.