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Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm currently working a season in Italy as a freelance photographer. I was a rep last year for a British holiday company and have 15 weeks total skiing (8 weeks consecutive last year, 7 this year so far). I would say I'm an advanced intermediate. My style is balls out fast and I love fresh corduroy. But I also do some side-of-piste and love having fun, bit of jumps, rollers in between piste and a little bit of trees. As I'm out shooting with clients most days, I also need something that will allow a bit of laziness from time to time, as well as going full tilt when I'm skiing for myself. 

I'm 5'11" (179cm), 175lbs (80kg) and I've tried the following things so far this season as rentals:
Head Magnums 170 (great all rounder, not terribly fast, bloody expensive for what they are)
Salomon X Kart 171 (fast, VERY playful so great for camera work, but not the most stable at speed)
Salomon 24 Hours 170 (VERY fast, extremely stable at speed, not very capable on the sides or in trees)

Salomon Mustang 170 (VERY fast, slightly more twitchy than the 24hours and a little better on sides, went in 5 ins of untracked pow today and they were just about manageable)

Rossignol Pursuit 14 (weigh NOTHING, carve really well, but far too easy and offer no challenge to grow into as I progress my technique)

For tomorrow, I have acquired a pair of 176 Kastle MX78s to try after reading loads on here about the MX83s. I'm very excited to try them, but my friends think they look "girly", so that's no exactly ideal!

Is there anything else I should look at/try? I'm trying to get an ex-rental bargain at the moment (for around 250€ or about $320) as I don't have much money and have always rented for free before, but I would consider spending more for the "right" ski.

Thanks in advance for your help smile.gif