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I don't have much to say about whether or not to get a helmet with a brim, as I've only had helmets without one.


I think the main point to keep in mind is that the reason those of us who wear a helmet, wear a helmet, is to protect our most valuable asset... our brain.  That being said, look for a mult-impact helmet.  A good example is POC (I wear a POC Receptor Bug).  The reason a lot of racers wear POC is because they are great mult-impact helmets.  I'm sure there are other mult-impact helmets out there, but I trust POC from past experience and haven't found anything that I like better from an overall perspective.


Beyond protection, the POC helmet I wear is also comfortable, has vents for warmer days (I can remove a small liner that allows it to breathe better).  I believe POC makes a couple versions with a brim as well.  The only issue I have with my current POC is my goggles (Smith I/O) don't fit as nicely as I'd like.

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I skied for 52 years without a helmet and never saw the point.  After riding motorcycles since the mid-60s, about 10 years ago I started wearing a helmet when riding (now a BMW GS) and the advantage to me is that I am just more comfortable with a helmet whether it is warm or cold.  This year, I tried on a bunch of ski helmets and found the Giro Seam fits me best.  The protection is nice to have, but for me I am just more comfortable in my helmet than with just a hat.  YMMV, of course.

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Makes absolutely no difference. Just get a helmet that fits and take your goggles with when trying them on.

Couldnt agree more they go hand in hand, i just bought goggles and brought my helmet with me

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I just bought the k2 diversion with a brim and I love it, I like it better than skiing with out a helmet and I just got one so my wife would wear hers. The only down side is that the factory speakers kind of suck.

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One reason I don't like helmets with a brim is that it's harder to pull my goggles up, for example when talking to someone.
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I like the Smith Variant Brim--very short brim--keeps snow off the vent foam at the top of the goggles and doesn't interfere with putting your goggles up on the helmet. I tried a full visor but a pain with goggles, and I don't think it would feel too good if you fell on the visor although I never managed that my self.   


This is what I got a few weeks ago.  I've been skiing 4 times with it now and it's a great helmet.  As oldgoat says above, it does a great job of keeping snow off the top of the goggles.  I also like the adjustable vents for when conditions change.

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