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I just picked up a pair of Dynastar Skicross 9 skiis in 160 cm length with Rossi Power 100 T-Plate S bindings.  The set is vintage 2003 but in great shape.  The skiis have the Autodrive system but the bindings have the T-Plate, so it is a plate on top of a plate.  Total lift is about 30CM front and 40CM back.  I noted in old posts some concerns about putting a plate on top of the Autodrive plate but wondering how big of a deal it is.  The connecting piece on the T-Plate seems to flex OK, not to mention that there is an inflexible boot in the binding area of the ski anyways.


Not that it matters, but I'm 5'6" 177 lbs. and and advanced skiier.  I like steeps and moguls and ski exclusively in lower New England (translation:  ICE.....).


Anybody with knowledge going back 10 years on gear like this would be appreciated.