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Not only do they carry awesome gear at good prices, you can find outstanding gems there too. Ive had my eyes on a pair of Smith IO goggles for weeks now and hesitant to pull the trigger because they're $175. So I'm drooling at them on their website and I'm about to pull the trigger. I have a $15 coupon and a few gift cards, so it wont hurt that bad. Before I do, I want to head up to the local brick n mortar to see if they have any in stock. So I walk in and say, "Hey dudes, I'm looking for some goggles, do you carry any in stock here? I know the ones I want from your web site". The dude I first talk to goes, "we really dont carry many goggles. I have this one cheap pair, but come with me". So we walk back to the returns bin and he shows me....drum roll.....a pair of IO that they lost the box to and only has the one lens that was on it, but its just brandy new. And get this..marked to $48!  Cha CHING. The dude said they were all eyeing them for a few days and one of them was going to walk out with them before the end of the week. Thank you, wrap them up. So thats one pair of IO goggles with blackout 10% lens - $15 coupon and -$40 gift card + some energy gels. Final out the door hit on me? $1.75


Thank you EMS. You F'in rule