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Blizzard or Volkl?

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I have narrowed down my choices to 2 remaining skis to purchase:


Volkl RTM 84 and Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti..................anybody have an opinion? THANKS!!

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The magnum by far. Thats my opinion. No contest. The volkl is a skinny ski lost in the world of rocker.
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I vote for the RTM 84,  fun as hell and no offense to Brian, but he has never demoed the 84.   So like any decision I suggest you demo both and decide for yourself.   If you are going to spend every second of your life on packed out groomers then 8.5,  the RTM is going to outperform in softer conditions and bumps, but I also think they rip on hardpack as well.   RTM 84 also got a bunch of awards so it's not a bad ski.... 

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Yeah, to clarify, I was on the RTM 80 back to back with the 8.5. Pretty much identical to the RTM 84 except for 4mm at the waist. If you're looking for a dedicated soft snow ski, get neither and look elsewhere. If you care at all about precision, performance and speed, subtle rocker/camber/rocker works way better than full rocker when you throw any kind of hard snow in the mix. If you skid around all the time without setting edge, then full rocker works better for that.
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the 80 and 84 are different,  4 in the middle and tail but only 3 in the tip comparing, so the side cut is different between the two, and when put on edge they ride like rails,     here are some stats on performance, but again demo is your best bet.  


RTM 84


Rating: Stability at Speed 3.82 / 5
Rating: Maneuverability 3.79 / 5
Rating: Hard Snow Grip 4.03 / 5
Rating: Crud Performance 2.43 / 5
Rating: Forgiveness 3.23 / 5
Rating: Energy/Liveliness 3.00 / 5
Rating: Flotation 1.63 / 5
Rating: Versatility 3.54 / 5
Rating: Overall 3.21 / 5

Blizzard 8.5


Rating: Stability at Speed 3.50 / 5
Rating: Maneuverability 3.44 / 5
Rating: Hard Snow Grip 3.46 / 5
Rating: Crud Performance 2.63 / 5
Rating: Forgiveness 2.74 / 5
Rating: Energy/Liveliness 3.14 / 5
Rating: Flotation 2.15 / 5
Rating: Versatility 2.63 / 5
Rating: Overall 3.00 / 5


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