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Binding Choices?

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Ok I am 6'8" 265lbs int/int Adv skier, just bought a new pair of Salomon BBR 186cm skis and looking for binding suggestions. Here is what I am looking at now. 


1.Marker Griffon

2.Marker Jester

3.Salomon Z12 Ti


Any thoughts?





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how wide of bbr did you get?  what type of skiing do you intend to do with the ski?  My initial reaction is to go with the much lighter and likely less expensive salomon binding.  However, being what i'd refer to as a big guy or even a really big guy, if i was your size i'd by looking at the z-14 instead!

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Oh ya sorry the BBR 8.9, so the 88 waist and skiing would be 50/50 depending if I go with family or friends. Yes my concern is the DIN range! Thats why I was looking at the Jesters. The Z14 might be tough because I have a 365mm boot sole. I checked them out and it states shoe size 13. There is how ever the Salomon STH 14 Driver?


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hey dogger:


I just checked the salomon home page.  with the z-12 speed binding, which is on a moveable plate size does matter and you're right about potentially being outside of adjustment range.


the standard hard mount z-bindings have no such limitation.  my concern, however, is that i didn't see the z-14 in this years lineup.  And, i didn't really find any on a quick inter-web search.


I've used the STH's too and have no complaints in fact its my understanding the sth heel is well respected and its again still way lighter than the markers you mentioned and unless you plan on skiing around, save the weight and probably some money too!


My proclivity for the z-bindings esp. on my carvers emanates from the ability to use a "removeable cap" made by bio-stance to provide some canting under my left heel. 


I haven't seen this years bbr, but i know this years sth 14 are awfully blue like last years bbr's were.



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Thread Starter main concern is just my size!



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