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East Coast OSQ Recs

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Hi all!  I'm looking for some East Coast One-Ski Quiver recommendations.  I've been out of the gear loop for a while and I know that there are a lot of threads covering this ground, but I would really appreciate your help, so thanks in advance!


Me:  I’m a 6’3”, 195-pound former instructor and back-in-the-day junior racer.  Thanks to having a pair of kids, I haven’t been hitting good slopes nearly as much lately (10-15 days frown.gif), but always manage to get in some time at Stowe, Cannon, and occasionally out West, with local Massachusetts hills in between. 


I’m currently on the 2008 Head SS Magnums in a 177 and they’ve been fine, I guess, for teaching my kids and screwing around both locally in MA and up in VT and NH.  They’re neutral and pretty much do what I ask them to do, with the exception of holding enough on tough eastern “hardpack” (unless I’ve touched up my 3* bevel the night before) and occasionally getting hung up in crud, spring slush, or deeper show (71 mm tends to do that).  They’re fine skis, but just not that exciting and, I dunno, kinda bland, except on soft groomers where they’re pretty fun (what isn't?).


So… with my kids finally skiing more interesting terrain and also enjoying being away from dad in ski school, I’m looking for new skis.


I ski relatively fast (but not supersonic), blending “traditional” and modern/railroad-track techniques on the groomers and I’m always looking for crud, bumps, and serviceable tree-shots.  I take the steep way down and if there’s interesting, variable terrain to be had, I’m on it.  I love pulling G-forces on groomers on one run and then heading straight for the gnarly bumps on Goat or some (open-ish) glade on the next, then charging through crud after that, and then maybe taking a leisurely groomer with the family.


Based on a bunch of reading (and zero demo-ing), I’m thinking of the following (expanding) list of skis:


*Blizzard Magnum 8.5ti @ 181 cm

*Blizzard Magnum 8.0ti @ 179 cm

*Elan Amphibio 88xti @ 178 cm (186 cm?)

*Head SS Titan @ 178 cm

*Head Rev 85 Pro @ 177 or 184 cm

*Kastle MX 78 @ 178 cm

*Volkl Kendo @ 177 or 184 cm


Any thoughts on something to give me a little more width, hold, pop, and power, while still being serviceable in the bumps?  Nothing like asking for a ski to do everything...






P.S.  I have no prob demoing skis if/when I go West, so I'm really thinking East Coast here.

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I could really use a hand here! 


I'm leaning toward the Blizz Mag 8.0 ti, but the others in my list all sound intriguing.  So, at the risk of being slapped for gratuitous thread-bumping, I would really appreciate the forum's input.


Thanks so much!



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If I had to pare all of my skis down to one, the Kastle FX94 is what I'd end up with. I ski mostly Stowe.

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Hard to make a recommendation based on your assessment of the Head Magnum. I ski them, too, and find them anything but unexciting. I find they need to be at speed to come alive... so in that sense I wouldn't want them for teaching kids or screwing around... I think you need to really ski them to get anything out of them. But I agree they're not a great all-around ski... they want to carve on groomed snow.


If you don't like the feel of the Magnum I think you'll like the Rev 85 even less. Definitely less energy. I haven't skied the Titan but by all accounts it will have an overall similar feel to the Magnum. 


Curious why you chose the MX78 over the 88. If it's a OSQ I'd go for the 88. I think the Kastle MX line has that similar damp feel to the Head Supershape line.


Blizz Magnum 8.5 would probably be a good one to try. At your size, it sounds like the 13/14 Blizz Brahma might be right up your alley, too. For an eastern OSQ I'd probably want something in the 80-88 range with a little bit of tip rocker if you like going off-trail.

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Yeah, I was a bit harsh in my Magnum comments earlier. They are a very comfortable pair of skis and, as I said, they do pretty much what I ask them. Slow, fast, groomer carving (without ice), medium to long carves, snapping out short turns, etc. Nice skis, no doubt.

But, for me, I'm looking for a little more width to deal with the soft stuff, better edge grip on the hard stuff, and maybe a little more energy.

I like the Magnums in the right conditions, but (maybe I'm wrong) 5 more years of R&D has got to pay dividends.

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No question about it. I think something like the MX88, Rev 85, Mag 8.5, Brahma will give you a lot more versatility in bumps, crud, powder, and such without losing a ton of hard snow performance.

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You can pick up a pair of 2011 Dynastar Legend Sultan 85's ,new. Check ebay. These are great eastern one quiver skis. I ski at least 60 days and these are my everyday skis. Love em,they do everything
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