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Volant T3 Power

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Ski Make: Volant
Ski Model: T3 Power(2001 Gold finish) with Look P7 bindings (last years)
Ski Length: 180
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, corduroy, crud, skier packed powder, 4"-11" powder, 20"+ fresh powder, some ice
Number of Days Used: 10
Your Ability: level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 3
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 15+
Other Skis You Like: Volant McG's
Your Height/Weight: 5' - 9"/ 190 lbs

Comments: Tried some Elana's (This year's - 3 runs & gave them back) & Bandits X's (Last year's - half day). Had a hard time keeping the edge.

Now the T3/Power's... Stuck like glue to anything and were sweet in all conditions. No bad characteristics were noted. Very dependable and reliable in any condition.
Used this ski exclusively while on a 6 day Utah ski trip on Black & Blue runs. One tiny scratch on the top (Snowboarder at PC problem). Too bad about the Gen-X deal these are great ski's for mear mortals.

I would Rate these ski's as
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Thanks WAS,

I bought a pair of the T3 Powers same length as you, but due to lack of any decent snow, I have yet to use mine, so I find your comments encouraging.

I hope to post my impressions soon.
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As promised here are my first impressions of my Volant 180 T3 Power mounted with Marker's 1200 Piston Binding, and skiing my third full season Solomon boots. I am a 6-8 level skier depending on how I feel, terrain, conditions, etc.

Since this was my first day this season, I decided to start the ski season off on something familiar, my 193 PK's [ beginning the fifth season for these skis, purchased in Jan'97 ] mounted with Marker's SLC bindings set on the #2 setting.

After about a half dozen runs and doing rather well considering it was day #1, I decided it was time to pop that "cherry" of the T3's.

On the first run, I wasn't so sure I had made a good decision [ in fact, it was an impulsive decison to buy them, since I wasn't sure about the furture of Volant skis, and I still have doubts.]

Anyway, to make a long story short, after about four runs I became more comfortable with the proper balance point for this ski,and they are a lot of fun. Very manuverable, responsive, with some rebond, and a confidence building ski. Frankly, a lot more fun than I thought they would be the first day out.

We will still have to see how they do in deeper snow, and spring conditions, as well as more challenging terrain. But they are now my ski of first choice, and for POW, crud, or gunk, I will try them, but I still think my Chubbs will be the ski of choice for that type of skiing.
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Happy New Year !!

I was on the slopes at 9:30, and of course being New Years Day, it was not crowded. The sun was out, but it was about 14 degrees. At about noon it was about 28 degrees.A rather perfect day with little or no wind.

Skied only the T3 Power today, and I am really enjoying the ski. I have it mounted with Markers new piston control binding. I found the ski very responsive, good rebound, and just a lot of fun to ski. Much faster that I thought it would be. It is 13 cm or about 5" shorter than my 193 PowerKarves.

I bought this ski based on:
1. Reviews
2. My loyality [rooted in how really wonderful their products are ]as a Volant customer.
3. The fact that Volant was sold to another economic entity, and I wasn't sure if they would ever be back or the product line would be the same or better.
4. Ok, I paniced...I admit it, and I didn't demo first as I have often suggested to others... but I figured that if worse came to worse...there is epic and ebay
5. Ok ...Ok ..Yehhhhh...the Gold Vapor finish on the stainless steel topskin's flashy...but its unlike anything else there away it is a thing of "beauty." It sucks you in like the styling and color of a new car [ I know what some of you are now thinking..this guy can't be serious ! ]Well the sad truth is I am becoming very attached to this ski, I don't keep them in my bedroom at night, or under my bed, as did Billy Johnson did with his Olympic winning downhill least...not yet!]

So it appears that this gambled paid off ! It is a gamble to spend top dollar for equipment without first testing it. I really do like how the ski, skis, and the Marker 1200 Piston Control binding makes it just that much better.
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I demoed the T3 Power (193cm.) for a couple of days last year at Jackson Hole's Steep and Deep camp and loved it also.

Conditions varied that week from some frgr. on Apres Vous Mtn. to big bumps in the woods under the gondola to deep powder and crud in Rendezvous bowl. Skied some pretty wicked steeps also, i.e. Tower Three Chute.

The skis were beautiful in all conditions. I had expected them to be very damp because of the steel cap, but instead found them to be very lively and responsive, while remaining very stable and calm at any speed and blasting the crud.

My most memorable runs though were through some gladed runs with decent sized pp/pwdr bumps where I was amazed at how the T3's snaked over and around the bumps like butter. I really had a few of my best ski days on these.

I also liked the Volkl G31's I demoed, which I found to have a slightly shorter turn radius, and a little more demanding. I would be happy with either ski, but preferred the Volant.

By comparison, I also tried a pair of Head mid-fats. I think they were the Super Cross Ti, and I absolutely hated them. They were the most dead, lifeless ski I'd ever been on. It could have been my legs that day, but I don't think so.

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Followup --

Just got back from the Christmas Break where we skied with a bunch of friends at Tahoe for the week (Make up for not taking Gal friend to Utah to ski with my Brother). If I could afford it right now I would buy another pair and hord them. Just an increadable ski.

Handles everything I've been able to throw at it, including snowboarders. I was able to ski faster, turn better, and take on more gunk then anyone else in the group. Conditions varried all over the place and I had no problems in handling it all.

Plus they are easy to spot coming out of the lodge after lunch too. Just for all the people looking at the skis.

I bought them because of their top rating (How can a ski get the highest rating in the ski mag's testing and not be selected as ski of the year in that catagory?) I've skied McG's, and last year's T-3's (demo's), I've asked other people what they though and finally the deal I got was too good to pass up. Glad I did. This is a ski the likes of which we may never see again.
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