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Recommended instructors for beginners at Ski Cooper?

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My wife and are headed to Ski Cooper in a about a week, and we were looking to take at least one lesson while we're out there.  We're both pretty new to skiing...3 days at Winter Park last year (with one group lesson), and a couple days at a midwest hill.  We were strictly skiing greens at WP, although we felt pretty comfortable on those by the end of our trip.  I'm probably a little more comfortable on skis than my wife--I was starting to get the hang of parallel turns last year, while my wife was still using wedge turns exclusively.  We are both reasonably athletic.  


Neither of us are adrenaline junkies.  We just love cruising down the mountain.  Ideally, I'd like for us to get to a point where parallel turns are natural and we handle greens and blues no problem.  Being from the midwest, unfortunately we're limited to one trip out west each winter, so we don't have a lot of time to practice.


Any recommendations for a particular instructor at Ski Cooper given our skillset and goals?  I was thinking we'd do a semi-private lesson for the two of us.  I assume an instructor would be able to make this beneficial for both of us even though we're not at exactly the same skill level?


Any other general recommendations for Ski Cooper/Leadville?  We chose it for the abundant beginner terrain and really cheap prices.  Seemed like a good fit--I hope it's not a letdown compared to WP.  


Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Hopefully someone who knows Cooper will chime in soon.


Might get some ideas from this thread:



So where do you ski in the midwest?  For learning, small hills in the flatlands can be a bargain and good fun.  My daughter learned in northern VA.  Got her quite ready for Alta.  Of course, it's a bit different for adult beginners.


Are you renting equipment?

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Ski Cooper is a very family friendly mountain.  Nothing steep, but wide-open runs, no lift lines. Your timing should be perfect with some new snow next week.  There are a couple of races going on, but that only closes one run on the front side. The lodge will have Masters racers on Sunday , but everyone else will be watching the Super Bowl.


The ski school there is excellent.  Bob Smith is an an excellent instructor among several. He's worked with several of my family members and friends at the beginning level and to improve intermediate skiers. Pam is excellent, but she may work mostly with kids.  Gary, Joe, Greg.....Basically, you're not going to go wrong. Every instructor is super patient.


The ski school lengthened their lessons this year and every instructor has been really happy with it. They've told me the extra time helps them get skiers "over the hump."  I think rates went up slightly to reflect this, but I hear people pretty happy with the results. The new ski school director has the instructors doing clinics all the time to work on instruction.


For what its worth, and full disclosure, my family has been pass holders there for ten years and has been associated with the race department and the ski patrol for most of those, and that's what my knowledge is based on.


Leadville is a smaller town, but Tennessee Pass Cafe or The Grill are pretty popular places to go eat.


Hope this helps.

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