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Where to mount Mantra?

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Hi all,
Just bought 2013 Mantras, 188'S. I am going to mount Griffons and I am wondering where everyone has these mounted. These will be east coast skis, mainly skiing aggressive GS turns.

Any recommendations?
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Does the ski have lines for center and freeride or some designation? If so, why wouldn't you use those to locate BC on your bindings? Those engineers at Volkl....not too swift on boot center, eh?

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They have the volkl center line, which I think is the recommended mounting location. However I know people mount behind and in front of this point for certain reasons. In general I think mounting in front lends to smaller turns, bumps, etc and mounting behind lends to a more stable ski at high speeds. I just wanted to get an idea for peoples take on the rockered mantra in particular.

I am not a pro regarding this, so I could be completely wrong.
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Any thoughts?
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I agree with Davluri. It's a Mantra. Not a 5 point rockered design. Mount it on the line.

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Ok thanks. Guess I was misunderstood. Thanks.
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Keep in mind that top sheets are not always perfectly placed on the ski, which means topsheet marks can be off.  A good tech will measure the ski and confirm the position of the marks.  It wouldn't hurt to place the skis side by side and make sure the marks at least match--if not point that out to the tech when yo have them mounted.  

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Thanks for the heads up. I will take a look.
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