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Volkl Vertigo Motion (again)

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: Vertigo Motion
Binding: Integrated Marker 1200 Titanium
Ski Length: 170
Snow Conditions Tested in: Killington early season Hardpack, ice, crud
Your Ability: advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 37
Height/Weight:5'8" 155

WOW. I may have to switch from my X Screams. If I had to deal with East Coast conditions I would switch in an instant. Once I got used to the "softness" due to no underboot flat spot and the funny feeling of being on such a short ski, I had a blast. These are very quick underfoot. I was quite suprised considering they are not that narrow.
They were very stable at fairly high speeds. Due to the density of people and skiers as well as watching for rocks, I didn't take them to any earth shattering speeds but was very happy with their performance. In crud and bumps however I found that they took more input and were not as forgiving possible because of their light weight and the short length.

Overall a Winner!
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dchan, i was just reading your post and it is nice to see people taking care of equipement that is not even their own. The fact that you were on demo skis and still watching for rocks says something. Great review, how would they compare to a Salomon Crossmax 10, is there anyone who has skied both??
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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: Vertigo Motion
Binding: Integrated Marker 1200 Titanium
Ski Length: 177
Snow Conditions Tested in: Heavenly in Sierra Cement, groomed and packed powder
Your Ability: advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 16 years
Height/Weight:5'6" 140lbs

...i don't know if i could tell you guys how much I liked this ski. I was planning on demoing the G3 that I have had about 5-6 days of experience on this season, but the demo guy kept on saying "take the vertigo motion take the vertigo motion". I wasn't a fan of "systems" but after taking these out i was sold.

My current ski is the P40 energyrail in a 188. The vertigo in a 177 felt really soft at first but it didn't lose an edge in hardpack at all. That was my first surprise [img]smile.gif[/img] It's easier to turn on than the G3 because of the system imho. I pushed them to fairly high speeds, but the ski was rock solid...no chatter except what could be expected from any ski. Slightly wide like dchan said, but the ski was very quick edge to edge. I was considering buying a pair after being on them. But at $900 at the resort shop, i kinda passed on that.

I stuck my girlfriend on them since she's looking at new skis. Profile's the same as me, except 3 inches shorter and weighs about 15lbs less. She was comparing them the the Atomic Beta Carv 9.18 in a 170. She felt that the vertigo motion was pretty easy to turn on even though it's a stiff ski compared to the 9.18...i think it's a testament to how well the energyrail system works [img]smile.gif[/img] Down the bumps, i didn't have much problems...easier to go down them than with the p40 energyrail [img]smile.gif[/img] Girlfriend thought it was more difficult going down the bumps than with the 9.18's. She definitely felt a strong tail on the vertigos...pretty quickly learned not to be a backseat captain on the vertigos. She caught some air, landed with her weight completely back and you could just see the ski launching her forward.

In addition to being a great all mountain ski, the vertigo motion in a 177cm might make a really fun park ski. The tail has alot of pop in it to give you a good launch off a kicker.

There was one really really big con to this ski though...looks like i'm gonna have to get the lady a pair of the vertigo motions to keep her happy...i had to pry them out of her hands at the end of the day [img]smile.gif[/img]

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The price for the Volkl Vertigo Motion of $900.00, does that include the Marker binding ?
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yep the binding's included in that price.

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Al's Ski Barn (www.untracked.com) is advertising Vertigo Motion's for $800. They have two sizes, 170cm and 177cm. That price seems in line with a "package" price. Probably could get that price from a local shop if you tried. $900 seems high. $550ski and $250binding seems like the market mover?
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John J,
this was a ski resort shop =) thus the higher pricetag..hope this clarifies things =)

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MBoy, seems as if you work at a shop, what do they charge( if they carry Volkl)? Just curious.
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Got mine for $800, including poles (Quincy Ski and Sport in Quincy, MA)

I also got charged $30 for the binding "Mounting", so they probably made some profit there. "Mounting" the Volkl Motion binding requires exactly 10 seconds, and a flat-head screwdriver. The binding slides down the rail and one pin is inserted and screwed in. The boot/binding "fit" is done with a big hand-turned dial in the center of the binding which you can ADJUST YOURSELF!!!!

Don't let them charge you that binding fee if they're charging $850 already.
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we carry volkl's but not the motion system...i forgot how much the G3 is going for though...

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I'm an advanced intermediate skier in the Montreal area who is looking for somewhere that I can demo the Vertigo Motion skis. If anyone is aware of shops or mountain locales where I might do this it would be greatly appreciated.
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