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Skis to take to mammoth

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Going to mammoth next week and I'm wondering what skis to take. My two that stand out are stocki XXL (80 mm) and Schmidt pro (101mm).

Should I bring both or just the schmidts?

Also thinking of demoing powder skis

Opinions please!

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Wouldn't hurt to bring both, probably ski on the Schmidt the whole time. Storms a coming this weekend. So it may be soft snow all next week. If the storm misses, then the 80 may come in handy since they haven't had any new in a while. I'm going up tomorrow and plan on using my Rossi E98 and hopefully Nordica Helldorado.  I plan on leaving the Nordica 84 EDT at home, but may bring it to test in variable snow. Better to bring and not use than not bring and wish you had.

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Those XXLs are my favorite all around ski.

I'll probably bring them both unless they get a serious dump next few days.. Last year I brought both to Utah and ended up skiing the XXL the whole time
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Check this website daily:


Have fun! Such an awesome mountain!

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