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Volant Chubbs 178cm's long

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A little about myself ;
Age 49 + 2 about 185 lbs.
Number of years skiing off and on for more then 30 years but only the past 6 years seriously.
Number of days a season about 50,
Last lession was alevel 8.I would say an 8 on most days( the other days we won't talk about.
My "style of skiing is more relaxed with brust of energy.
What do I like to ski? black diamond runs,moguls and bowls.
There is a lot to be said for a ski that makes powder skiing easy.However the Chubb has a lot more to offer then just great float.Once I got use to rolling that wide platform up on edge They had vary good manners on hard pack groomed runs. The profromance in day old chopped up powder and down right nasty crud was fantastic.nothing seemed to faze them They would just roll over the the uglist snow on the mountain.The biggest suprise was how well they did in modest bumps.You just have to love any ski that makes you look good and This forgiving yet Tenacious fattie,does just that.I am not sure i would want this for my everyday ski but it sure is an excellent Powderski to have for those Powder days and the way they take on the crud the day after as well.

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Chubbs rule. After trying unsuccessfully to steer my brand-new Volant Machetes through foot-deep Wasatch crud, I switched over to a pair of Chubb 170s and they plowed through (or over) virtually everything.

And the big surprise was how well they behaved on the groomed runs: they turn just fine -- don't believe the bozos who say otherwise. Maybe I'll be slightly less enthusiastic about them when I have to throw them over my back to reach a hike-to trail, but for now I'm in love.

I also enjoy the attention you get from lifties and other skiers (who spot the black & white bases from 50 paces) and regard them as a goofy relic, kind of like driving a 1973 Pontiac Catalina.

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I agree that putting the chubbs on your shoulders and hiking would not be fun.The damn things weigh a ton.maybe Lisamarie could come up with a workout to ease the burden of toting a pair of chubbs around.
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Hey Utah, a few years ago I decided that I would do a couple of laps on Mc Conkey's bowl. After hauling the Chubbs, though, I decided to only do one! And that was hardly worth it.
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There a lift now.Puma Bowl is still a bit of a hike.
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Utah, I'm sure you've read my posts about Chubbs. I think they are awesome.
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I can confirm the all around performance characteristics of the Chubbs. It was the only ski I used last April at Snowbird, which at that time had a variety of changing snow conditions, at various altitudes. A marvelous ski.
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I will share some comparisons of my other skis to Chubbs I recently won with a $257 bid on ebay three weeks ago. Below are a list of measurements I just made on three pairs of my skis. I bought the 1991 Salomon Force9 3S with Look Forza's 's new in 1991 and skied them through 1997 then bought the new 1998 PowderKarves with demo binding Salomon 900S's. The hardly used (1999?) Volant Chubbs have Salomon 850S demo bindings.

Force9 3S
85.0 - 63.5 - 75.2mm
9.4 - 18.5mm
6.4 pounds each ski

1998 PowderKarves
106.4 - 71.4 - 96.0mm
4.3 - 8.3mm
6.4 pounds

109.7 - 89.9 - 100.3mm
5.1 - 9.9mm
7.4 pounds or 14.8 pounds total

Even though the steel cap PK's are 14cm shorter than the F9's the weight of the broader PK's is identical. The steel cap Chubbs are just big heavy bulldozers. My PK's are narrower at the waist and my Chubbs wider at the waist than published figures I have seen. Note the above Sundance's, with an aluminum honeycomb structure, were one of the lightest ever skis at just 5.1 pounds each. The heavier a ski the more potential it has to plow through little deflected by irregular snow.

The third measurements are the ski thicknesses (top to base) at two thirds distance between waist and shovel and at the waist. I also measured older powder skis, 185cm Hexcel Sundances with a traditional vertical sidewall structure, which have nearly the same thickness as the Force9's which were a first generation cap ski . The steel cap Volants are maybe the thinnest ski, yet still have strong torsional rigidity. Anyone who has been on PK's or Chubbs will note how the shovels seem to more smoothly slice across through snow than other skis. That is probably because of the steel torsional rigidity and knife like shovel thinness (5mm per above) that moves sideways across the snow with little resistance.

The resort I ski at most has open alpine ridge line steeps, cornice drops, chutes, wind buffed steeps, rock outcroppings, many moguls, winch catted groomers, intermediate groomers, natural gullies, and a good dose of trees stashes. This Saturday I skied all day in a blustery storm which snowed about 4 inches during the day. This was atop the skied out and already somewhat bumped up 24 inch powder dump from Thursday. Then Saturday night added another 6 to 10 inches of dry powder which we skied all Sunday.

When I bought the F9's after having skied red heart Dynastar Course SL's a few years my bump skiing immediately improved to the next level. For those of you who may think my skis are short, let me add that I am only 5'6" and 135 pounds so those 196cm skis were way long. I demo'd some the new PK's and bought them from the resort the same day. They were that good. I expected a need for a longer pair but the short ones were no problemo all over the mountain. The PK's seemed like the best powder ski compared to anything else I'd skied. Leaving aesthetic tight SSS's all over place on a powder day is my trademark and the PK have been great.

Per above the Chubbs don't have much sidecut at all. What that does is make them go through the irregularities more smoothly than the PK's without being deflected. I was able to immediately take nearly all my previous PK technique and comfortably use it with the Chubbs. The Chubbs tend to go faster and straighter which I learned to deal with by cranking powerful medium radius turns which often air down to a balanced platform turn. Sometimes I tried to initiate a tighter turn by pressuring the inner shovel edge but then became surprised that was not effective. What was very effective was to ski it more in a balanced platform GS style. The Chubb's are better in powder than the PK's in every way. I tree ski the tightest areas and can still do so with the Chubb's easily. They really can rip beautiful feeling big dog medium radius turns out in the open. In cut up powder my PK's were modest work but the Chubbs change that work to pleasure. Yes I just cranked powerful medium radium turns down most of that already tracked stuff blasting up lots of loose smoke.

The short PK's were a most surprising boon to my bump skiing for which I use a direct fall line technique that is more bouncing and relaxed than the typical whack whack air speed pro mogul style. A ski that smooths the many irregularities in bumps is a definite bonus. I'd read Chubbs were decent in bumps. In powder bumps Saturday they were wonderful fun allowing very sensual airs from one soft stair down to the next. As the bumps get firmer and more shaped they become less enjoyable since it is harder to shed speed by arcing a fast short lower leg turn. On the other hand they are more stable and less deflected by mogul irregularities so it is easy to regain control once starting to lose it by working off a calm upper body.

Before I bought the Chubb's I expected to use them mainly in powder day conditions but surprisingly they open up steep all terrain areas to more pleasurable ripping fun. D#!& thing is, now having to lug both these heavy beasts from my car to the lifts will be the tough part of each day. -dave

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