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I took a long hiatus (25+ years) from skiing to do the snowboarding thing but have recently decided to get back on the skis and get caught up with all the technology changes in the equipment.  However, for the life of me I can't remember how my old skis handled.  I remember doing a weekend of demoing skis in perhaps the winter of '86 or '87 and trying all different sorts of skis and finally settling on a pair of Olin 920's.


For me (6'9", 215 pounds, advanced/expert skier), I remember these skis as being a jack-of-all-trade kind of ski for me that wasn't too stiff nor too soft.  But so much time has passed that my recollection of how they rode could be entirely off base.


So does anybody remember much about these skis?  I haven't found much info online.


-Thanks, Todd