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Ski Make:
Ski Model:Kneissl S1X
Ski Length:170
Snow Conditions Used In:Hard Pack & Sand
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:40
Other Skis You Like:Atomic/K2
Your Height/Weight:5'11'/185
Comments: These ski's were FUN! On the hard pack they held great and have a nice flex. On the soft snow they also performed very well. Some times on the soft stuff I wished I had a little more length, could be early season balance and not the ski. As long as I kept them arcing they powered throught soft bumps great. What I really liked about this ski over some other short SL is that they performed great in large turns as well.

Ski deminsions: 107-62-97