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Anton Gliders??

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I've seen a couple threads here on the Anton Gliders or suspension skis but most of them are a bit dated. I know the ski is a bit gimmicky and expensive and not the best in powder or crud but I'm still intrigued by the concept and promises of being much easier to carve than a traditional shaped ski.

Eric of Exotic Skis has been great with info on the Anton's...just interested in others views and some recent "real life" experiences with the skis.

From their website:
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Skied them at a few years back at a demo day.  Really really impressive ski.  Were extremely stable for their size (I skied like a 155 or something and I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs) and seemed to be able to mix up turn shapes very well. It might have been the best ski I tried that day, and I demoed some impressive skis.  If Kastles are the Porsches of the ski world, then these are the Bugattis (or something of that sort), in terms of price at least.  That's the major downside....Kastles are at least thought to be somewhat justifiable by most people in terms of price....these are an entirely different story.   

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I got to try a pair a few years ago. They were excellent on the firm snow we had. Very versatile for technical turns. Good in the hard bumps. But they were uncomfortably heavy - the weight discouraged tricks and screwing around. A light version of these skis would be worth the big bucks they want.
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