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Helmet questions

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Hi there,

     New to this forum and my first post.  Getting back to skiing after 7 years. I am 56 and had an incident(non skiing) last year, so I will be purchasing a helmet first time.  Couple of questions. Are they warm enough to wear without needing to wear a  cap(benie, etc) with one?  And is there any advantage or disadvantage to getting one with a brim?  I am interested in the Smith Variant and Vatage helmets.

Thanks in advance to your input.


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Welcome to Epic.


I am about your age and have been wearing a helmet for 15 years or so. 


Yes they are warm but sometimes I do wear a thin balaclava under it which also covers my chin when needed.  I don't think a brim does anything but style so buy on your preference. 


Here is some first time helmet advice:


Your helmet like your boots needs to fit snug but not tight.  Too loose and it won't stay put.  When you have it on and strapped, try to slide it back and forth on your head with a gentle motion, if it slides too easily it will be too big and of no use in a fall as it will not stay put.  You want to feel the helmet move your forehead skin a little.  Nice and snug but not too tight.


Look for a helmet that has built in size adjusters to fine tune the fit.


Look for a helmet with adjustable ventilation via a slide that opens vents vs the plugs that you have to pull out and store in a pocket and eventually loose.


You can also find helmets that come with speakers for music and bluetooth for connectivity.


It might take a day or two to get use to them, but once you do, you will find that a good helmet is very comfortable and you won't feel comfortable skiing without it.


Good luck,


Rick G

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I have both the variant & vantage, my go to helmet is the vantage I just like the fit better for some reason


I always wear it without a cap and its warm enough for tahoe, maybe on the east coast this might be different


Usually have the vents open and I am follicly challenged too


Biggest issue with the brim is putting your goggles on it.

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Hi Eddie

And I'll add to Rick G.s list of great recommendations that when you go shopping for a helmet; BE SURE to take your goggles with you.  Ensuring they work with the new helmet is important.  Otherwise helmet may either push the goggles down on your nose (can't breath) or you may have a significant gap between brim of helmet and goggles.  I've found that the Smith helmets and Smith goggles work well together (as one would expect).  And yes, helmets can get hot in anything but storm conditions (and recent/unusual conditions in the Tahoe area).  More vents the better along with ear flaps that can be easily removed and reattached (try it while in the store).

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     Thanks for all the advise. Especially about the goggles. I will buy them along with the helmet. I want the Bolle with the modulator lenses. So I will definately need to try both at the same time.

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I have the Giro G10 MX (has the Brim), and the Smith Variant Brim............ after whacking small branches in tight trees w/ my brim I always want one.............. they also reduce glare in bright sunlight......last but not least if you ever skin in the dark to reach a peak by daybreak or for night-skiing, my bike headlamp fits the G10 brim very nicely..... other than that it's pure aesthetics...........

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