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Before deciding you should try to find out the actual tape measure lengths, as they are not always the same as the label.  That 172 could be 170 or 174 in reality, so that might effect your decision.


From blister review, the 188 measured 186.7 tip to tail... so looks like a little on the short side, but pretty true I would say. I would expect something around 179 and 171!

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I posed the same question and went to the shop to look....I am going with the 172s...I think you should too.

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Thanks! I will be checking them out at the shop this WE.
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I'm really interested in this ski, but now I'm more interested in SkiSafes real name. I want to keep an eye open for him in the future.

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Hi all,


This thread has been fantastic (and funny!) for getting me a general feel for the Soul 7's.


Sizing question for those who have actually skied a pair:


I'm 5'8" 150lbs and have been using the 2011 Rossi S7's in 178cm (140/110/118mm i believe) as my powder ski.

I'm thinking of getting the Soul 7's as a replacement.

I've been skiing 30+ years, former (lousy) racer, do a lot of sidetrack-type skiing, and a few days of heli/cat each year.  

In sidecountry I prefer trees, bumps, and challenging technical terrain, really favoring short turns and control over big mountain type fast charging.

On-piste I ski a 72mm, 170cm non-FIS race/carve ski.


I've found the 178cm S7's a bit heavy and long for my style of skiing.  The Soul 7's seem to reduce the swing weight a lot over the old S7's, which will help a lot in off-trail bumps and trees, but am wondering whether I should also size down to 172cm or size up to 180cm.


I like the idea of 172cm Soul 7, but I'm wondering whether there will be enough float at this length to keep me comfortably aloft in deep powder heli/cat.  Also since the S7's are the only rockered ski I've owned, I'm not sure what the compromise in fore/aft stability will be if I downsize to 172cm the Soul 7's.  There are a lot of crud/sludge days on the local mountains in Tahoe.


What do you guys think?  Also, if this is too specialized a question please feel free to PM me.


Thanks much, hoping for a great season out here on the west coast.

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I posted this in the other thread:



There is another rossignol chart hidden on their site based on weight that google scrapes for you:,d.b2I



For soul7 180cm the recommended weight range is 150-179 lbs,


You could also compare the Rossignol suggestions to the old S7 chart and see if you would fit to be higher in the range or lower on the range

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Thanks @raytseng ...super helpful.


I decided to go down to REI with a tape measure and my 178cm 2011 S7's to do some measurements.

It's not the same as feeling the ski, but thought I'd share my findings FWIW.


I compared the 178cm 2011 S7's to the 172cm Soul 7's.  This is obviously an apples to oranges comparison since the lengths are different, but I thought the results were interesting since they highlight how the design of the 7 series has evolved over time.  


  2011 S7 (178cm) 2014 Soul 7 (172cm)
Sidecut 140 / 110 / 118mm 135 / 104 / 125mm
Weight (pair unmounted) 4100+ grams 3650 grams
Relative stiffness Less More
Relative camber Less More

On-piste edge length under

moderate carve pressure*

~52 inches ~54 inches

Powder edge length under

moderate pressure*

~62 inches ~59 inches
Relative tip rocker Earlier, higher Later, lower
Relative tail rocker Similar Similar
Binding center line More backward More foward

* estimated by flexing the ski across a flat surface then applying some judgement on real-world edge contact


The measurements seem to jive with what has been said about the ski.  

  • On piste it skies "longer" than the old S7's because the lower rocker and greater camber increases the carve edge length on hard that the 172cm Soul appears to have has similar or longer edge contact than the 178cm S7.
  • In deep powder I'd expect the S7's to have significantly better flotation...they're wider, the head has more rocker and is more spatula'd.
  • In crud and shallow powder, flotation will be less of an issue and the shallower rocker on the Soul 7's may provide better feel.  Obviously the big weight difference will make the S7's better for charging crud.
  • Another reason the Soul 7's may ski "longer" than the S7's is, the more gradual rocker may improve fore-aft/sagittal stability  for the Soul 7 in most conditions outside of really deep powder

One thing I don't quite understand is why the mount point for the Soul 7's is significantly more forward than the S7's, despite the wider tail.  The S7's have an earlier rise and higher tip rocker, which explains part of the difference, but I would have expected the wider Soul 7 tail to have offset some of that balance.  Could it be the mass profile of the ski because of the lighter tip/tail in the Souls?


Anyway, I (5'8", 150lbs) decided to get the 172cm after looking at the skis.  On all but deep powder I'm estimating the 172's will ski as well or better than the old S7 178's, without a lot less of the inertia and turn smeariness that I really didn't like in the old S7's.



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Nice homework schraderade.
I am 5'8 146 lbs, advance skier and also went with the 172cm and the pivot bindings.
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