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Road trip

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HI all


Headed to Snowmass next week with a few stops along the way.


I'm planning on being at

Sugarbowl on Wednesday January 23rd AM (however I may be doing some "work")

Alta on Thursday, January 24th,

Vail On Friday, January 25th  (will be doing some work here as well)


and Snowmass/Aspen area January 27th-Feb 1st


I am with a group in Snowmass so I don't know what our plans are as far as locations for skiing but can try to meet people..


If anyone want's to try to catch a few turns I'd love to meet up.


PM me with a cell number or plans and maybe we can make a few turns!



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now at snowmass for the week. Thursday was snow all day at Alta. Woke up to freezing rain in Sandy, and headed up the mountain to be greeted with 4-8" of pow where the wind placed some)


It snowed all day and was one of the best days of the year.. No crowds no lines, and great company (my dad and I enjoyed the day!)

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Wish I could join you.  Snowmass is fun!

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