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Hi everyone,

 I am resurrecting a topic that I know has been discussed at some length here.

 I'm very much on the skinny side of my height - 5'10", 150 lbs, reasonably athletic build. I ended up purchasing a pair of Head i.Peak 74s as a learning ski for myself (probably a progressing intermediate would be my wide category) and I got it in 163. Seemed to be the length closest to my ideal (based on calculators and specs) for groomers in the East, where I live. I'm having some second thoughts about the fit and wondering if I should have gone to 170, given that the turns on these skis are very tight. Beside that, I am thinking of getting a second pair in the near future in the more high-intermediate/advanced spectrum (something wider to allow minimal off-piste venturing), and I'm wondering if I should make the jump to the low 170s or just increment to about 167. 163 is a just above chin height, 167 would be about nose tip. The skis I have now have a camber and a small tip rocker, and even smaller tail "semi-rocker" I guess.

 I am currently working on making a clean carve and getting rid of the skid in my turns. I would say I'm an average style skier, not too aggressive but not just laid back cruising either. I'm not catching the most reliable of edges on these skis, and trying to decide if it's just me, just the skis, or a mix of both.

 I'd be grateful to anyone with experience who could provide some advice. Thanks!