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K2 Strike Skis?

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I'm looking at a packaged pair of K2 Strike skis to buy for my first personally owned pair. I'm a proficient skier, not super advanced but far from a beginner. I haven't been able to find any reviews regarding these specific skis, but K2 is a good company. If anybody has tried or owns these skis, please let me know the pros and cons!

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The Strike is first price point ski and is targeted at beginning and intermediate skiers. It also has "Catch Free" rocker. If you any better than a learning skier I would opt for a much stronger model.
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Any suggestions? I'm hoping for something including bindings in at least 160cm, that's less than 250.
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Alright, I've tabled the K2s, and have now set my sights on this Salomons. From what I've gathered, these skis are "Intermediate", which confuses me because that could mean just under Advanced or just over beginner. Any insights?
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