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Advice to a newb

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Ive read this forum quite a bit an maybe it's too hardcore to ask about beginner/ intermediate skis, but hell.
I've only just returned from my first sk school at Levi, aged 48.Tthought I'd hate it, was going for the kids (5 & 11) benefit. Fuckin loved it!
We'd like to take them at least once a year, so I'm going to get a proper pair of professionally fitted boots, no doubtl they'll last me quite some time, I'd like to also buy a set of ex rentals for myself and wife.

Your suggestions gentlefolk?

I've read a lot, but unsure what to opt for, at the moment it's 2011 Volkl AC3 unlimiteds.
Last week it was Head Big Easys.
I'm only really ever going to be a cruiser as my hips won't take much, too many years abuse on motorcycles, but I'd lik to have a ski that doesn't have a dead end, but maybe goads me to progress in a subtle way.

I'm 1.82m and 95kg
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Welcome to EpicSki!  You mean Levi in Finland?  If you haven't already found it, check out the articles under Articles in the menu bar.


This thread is for guys like you:

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