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GPS phone calibration, same problem as with Strava on a mountain bike. On my phone it loses about 20% of the distance as it can't handle the constant vertical changes that the single track we ride has so understates the total distance every time. My bike computer and friends Garmin are around only 100m different after 26kms, Strava says usually about 21/22kms rode, same ride...useless. I think for skiing with the constant downs its much better as its always getting a lower altitude reading unless you are touring or traversing.

For ski tracking I just downloaded the Whistler app, its free, which has a run traker and it works anywhere in the world and transfers to google maps too. Records history onto the phone and has run by run and daily totals of ave and max speeds, vert, total distance etc.
I just push start, turn the phone off i.e standby so the screen isn't displaying and it lasts all day. Just Samsung Galaxy Ace and battery life isn't a problem, screen uses the most power and keeping your phone warm helps too. Needs no data just the GPS enabled to work....?
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Just used a pretty cool feature in the Navionics Ski app today that I hadn't used before.  You can use the app to find a route for you from one location to another based on the type of terrain you want to ski (Beginner, intermediate, expert). I can see this being a great tool at big mtns out west or in Europe.


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Ran Ski Tracks app yesterday Dec 20 on my new moto g smartphone.Studied user pdf guide beforehand.  Operation to start track simple.  Users ought first practice storing and then viewing a track before skiing that can be done anywhere, just not at a resort.  Before starting the recording I opened up Google Maps to make sure GPS locked to the resort location and then exited Maps. I stored 2 tracks during the day, each were a few hours long containing several lift rides and runs.  Left my moto g on all day that goes into sleep mode with any open apps running.  Just had the Ski Tracks app open and did not make any phone calls and did not take any photos. Over 6 hours my battery that had been fully charged was only down to 74% so that told me running the app so all day was not an issue.   At end of day there were 2 of these tracks viewable under History and the result was fine.  There are several map views and the satellite view had useful overlays with Kirkwood ski run names.  Tracks seem to correctly indicate where I went. 


The software could be improved if they  used the altimeter function to change the red track lines into two colors, one for uphill and another for downhill.  As it is one's lift rides display the same as skiing down that tends to interfere with clarity of the track displays.  And may be useful to make the lift ride sections narrower.  Ought to be able to process the lines so after finishing a recording session.


The next day I wanted to view some of these files on my desktop Windows pc instead of just on the smartphone.  There is an export function in the documentation that can move track files out of the smartphone. From the History display of one of the tracks one selects the icon with 3 line connected balls at screen bottom.  A Sharing Options pop-up shows with choices


Export to External Storage

Publish to Facebook


I chose  Export to External Storage that moves to another window.  A pop-down chooses betwen kmz gpx or skiz file formats.  After selecting the format there is an EXPORT button to perform the action.  Status changes to Ready on the initial selection and then Completed on the second.  A temporary display relates conversion successful.   I expected the function to ask for a destination folder but there was none.   When I moved back to the History listing the track I had exported was now missing?   Somehow the process had deleted the whole track.  I made a thorough look in the moto g folders using FX.   And it was not saved anywhere on my pc.  Thus a software bug...BEWARE.  


Next I opened up the second track I'd made after a mid day break.  Again that had recorded fine.  This time I chose the Email option and the format chosen was attached to an email I sent to myself.  I opened the kmz attachment ok with Google Earth that showed the satellite view.  Software to view the tracks on a topo map will need to wait a few days till some Trimble software I recently purchased arrives and gets installed.    Then I tried to export the files of the second track and it did so but this time to an out folder and did not delete the track so.  Thus the above bug may have something to do with running EXPORT the first time.  Accordingly would suggest a user record a track before skiing and run export an initial time.


Using my FX file manager app I noticed there was a bcnav folder in the internal Main Storage and within that an \bcnav\out folder that had those files.  


The Ski Tracks user manual for the Export function is terse and could be expanded.  I could not find any other info searching online.  Once I can display the tracks on a map on a pc, then I can run a screen caption as a jpg to bring it into Photoshop and really gain control.

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