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so I'm 17 years old and weigh about 171 and my heigth is about 6 ft. So I'm looking to buy my first pair of own skis and I'll be mostly skying in Austria/Switzerland/Germany. I started skiing at about 5 years old and in the past I've skiied almost exclusively groomers but I'm looking to change that this year. So this year I just wanna try out backcountry as well as park but I still wanna heat the groomers pretty often. So I know the skiis I listed are pretty different, for example the Kendos are not gonna do very good in the park. I'm leaning toward the Line Chronic, but how do the Lines do on groomers? I heard the Lines do alright at the park as well as in the bc but how do they fare on groomers? I guess the shoguns would be sort of a compromise and the Kendos would do really well on groomers, but not as well in the park.


So what do you guys think? Are the line chronic good for groomers too, because I will be skiing with my family every now and then and we mostly do groomers then. Otherwise, would you guys choose the Kendo or the Shogun or even a completly different ski?


Thanks in advance


Edit: Should be line chronic, sorry about that. Also I have a question about the difference between the 2012 and the 2013 Kendo because I could get the 2012 cheaper. In addition, can you land and drive switch with either of the kendos?

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