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Top Sheet/laminate issue

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Hi all, in need of some advice of fixing this issue.  I don't think it's major but I think this occurred when I got tangled up helping my 5 year old.  Regardless, I want to prevent the laminate from peeling off anymore.  Any suggestions (besides paying more attention to what I'm doing) for fixing this before it gets any worse? 


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if you brought that into my shop, i would mix up some epoxy and lay a smooth thin coat over it. let it cure for 24 hours, then file or sand lightly down to a smooth finish, flush with the top skin. that should keep it from peeling up further and keep water from seeping under it. i see skis come in that are alot worse and dont seem to peel much more over time than yours already has. the edges are the worst. once the peeling is that far towards the centerline of the ski, away from other rouge ski edges, the chances of it peeling more greatly diminish.

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Buy some files that are suitable for metal and plastics. Ease, bevel the top sheet material of the entire ski to prevent the edges catching on them. Use files and sandpaper on the chip damage to smooth all transitions between metal laminate and plastic top sheet.  Most epoxy I know turns very yellow in a week, so I'd use it conservatively where it shows, and you don't have a core exposure issue.

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Devcon 2 ton epoxy stays clear or can be pigmented to match top sheet. I use it all the time for dings like these. Got white pigment in the jewelry making section of a craft store.
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Thanks for the help, just waiting for it to dry.

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