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Rossi Experience E88 Length

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to add these to my quiver. I am a little undecided on length. I am an expert skier 5'-7" 165lbs. I want this to be more of a carver on groomers and light fluff. I'm leaning towards 170 but I want this to be a quick turner...would 162 be too short?

Given my current quiver does it even make sense to get the E88?
173 Bushwacker 88
181 Live Life 110
172 Dynastar 90 tele setup

Any opinions appreciated!
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I am almost exactly your size and demo'd these for two days last year out west.  Conditions were "good eastern skiing".  I skied the 170 and found this to be really right for the application at hand.  Personally, I would not go shorter, even for the east. 

Another data point is that this year I was convinced by a shop to try the Bonafide in 166... and after a morning went back and got the 173, which was obviously better for me. 


As for quiver overlap... it would seem they will carve and hold on hardpack better than the Bushwackers, but if you are really looking to supplement with a more carve-oriented ski, should you go even narrower, more hard-snow oriented?   I felt like they were a do-it-all ski that is hard-snow/groomed biased....but not a true hard-snow carver.  They might feel a little duplicative of the BW's. 

Others will have input.

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Thanks for the input tch.  There would be a little overlap for sure.  I do want a better carving ski than the BW but still want it do a little more than just carve but def carve biased.  Maybe something in the 80-85mm will fit the ticket?  I do want a shorter radius ski than the BW.


All that said anyone have any recommendations on good groomer biased ski?

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I am your size, 160sh, 5'5", but no expert. I also have the 173 bushwacker and I'm also feeling the need for a hard snow biased quick turner, not that the bushwacker does not perform on the groomers, but I want a smaller natural turn radius that shines on the groomers. I have, after many repeated demos chose the 168 E83 over alot of skis in that range, all the way down to the 77mm smoke Ti. 164cm. I even liked it better than 163 7.6 mag. I think it would fit your Quiver better than mine. A close friend, closer to your skill level also purchased them in 184. I did prefer the TPX over the flat version for quick edging and stability though.

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