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Hey all, I'm new here, lurked a bit, but never posted.


I'm in the market to buy my wife a set of skis. Now the thing is, I know nothing about them, and I was just wondering what a good pair of skis might be that are easy to ride for her. She has only been skiing maybe 10 times in Switzerland. She is 48kg, 155cm.


I have a Kessler snowboard and I love it to bits. I've tried basically everything. I know they make skis also, but I was just wondering what you guys think about them.


Any advice on boots and bindings would be greatly appreciated. Money isn't a huge issue, I just want her to have something great that is easy to ride and will last her. I remember when I was learning to snowboard, I couldn't afford my own equipment for about 7 years, from when I was 13 to 19, and this was the most difficult thing, going from crappy rental board/bindings/boots to different crappy ones every season. It was terrible.