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Only those who have witnessed or experienced this would get just how hysterically funny this comment is! icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif

Originally Posted by carvemeister View Post

The NY Times reported last week that in a desperate attempt to thrust himself back into the limelight, singer Willie Nelson recently fired his agent and began a furious campaign of trolling thousands of various internet forums and begging the question, "What would Willie Nelson do?" Or, speculating on what guys who used to look like him would do in whatever situation was being discussed at the time - anywhere from simple topics like pan-frying a mullet, to advanced concealment of liver spots. I will try and post a link if I can find the article.

Although another explanation is that the OP may have simply wandered off, disoriented and in shock, from a Dan Egan ski clinic after having merely witnessed Dan instructing a group of skiers learning to ski advanced terrain for the first time.

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I am getting back into skiing after a decade long break. What I am seeing now are helmets everywhere. It used to be only little children and dorks everyone would laugh at would be wearing helmets.

I remembered skiing as a rugged individualist activity ... Guys that looked like Willie Nelson, screaming "hee haw!", bombing straight down a double black diamond, with nothing more than a dew rag on their head....
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You ain't getting me in a helmet.


Yeah, I know. Even Stein is wearing a helmet now.  His wife made him do it. After a kid on a snowboard ran into him and he broke a wrist and collarbone.  


Did anybody explain to him that a helmet wouldn't have made a difference?


Did it occur to him that he should have started wearing shoulderpads and wristguards instead?????? 


I declare Shenanigans.

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I wear a helmet to protect me from others.  I was clocked in the head twice this past weekend.  I view skiing the same as a construction zone - hard hats required.

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