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Snowshoe Thompson

for  real old schooi there is another impressive  transplanted Norwegian.skier  

Jackrabbit Johannsen from Canada,

He  also was once  also the oldest living man at  111. 


This etymological information from Wikipedia is for Jackrabbitt up there in Valhalla:


The word "slalom" is from the Morgedal/Seljord dialect of Norwegian slalåm: "sla," meaning slightly inclining hillside, and "låm," meaning track after skis. The inventors of modern skiing classified their trails according to their difficulty. Slalåm was a trail used in Telemark by boys and girls not yet able to try themselves on the more challenging runs. Ufsilåm was a trail with one obstacle (ufse) like a jump, a fence, a difficult turn, a gorge, a cliff (often more than 10 metres (33 ft) high) and more. Uvyrdslåm was a trail with several obstacles.[1]

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Greatest racer:   Ingemar Stenmark

Greatest Skier:   Doug Combs


Best Skier I have skied with:   Wade Holiday

                                             Chris Fellows

                                              Ted Sorensen


                                              Bob Peters


Ted Sorensen.  That's neat.  That's a detail about Sorensen I wasn't aware of (a great skier).

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Gotta add Seth Morrison to that free ride list. Otherwise nice.

Seth is definitely among the best out of that era. I tried to keep up with Seth when we got off of the tram in Jackson once. Riiiight. By the time we got to the bottom of the bowl, he was 50 yards ahead of me and steadily widening the gap. By the time I got down to the Hostel, he had already showered and was playing video games. All of the skiers mentioned here are so much better than us average joes, but it was fun to ski with Seth for about 200 yards.

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And Doug Coombs.  And Ingrid Backstrom.  Both have / had a way of making it look effortless.

I always saw Coombs as an alpinist that skis. A little different than the question posed in the OP. Ingrid is a great skier and she throws down some beautiful lines. I just didn't want to load up the list too much with too many skiers from the same era.

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