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Crossmax vs Scream Pilot:

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Got a chance to demo Salomon's Crossmax 10 Pilot and Scream 10 Pilot back to back in the 24 inches that dumped on Copper over the past two days.

I'm 5'11, 160 lbs., Level 8 and an instructor at Copper. Both skis were 180 cm.

Scream 10 Pilots: The replacement for last year's Pilot 10. The dimensions are identical (108/70/102) and the primary difference is a wood core, as opposed to foam. The ski is noticeably firmer and more powerful slicing through the deep, soft stuff, but hasn't lost the suppleness underfoot that many people (including me) liked in last year's model. It is very versatile, had no noticeable weaknesses and was comfortable, smooth and confidence-inspiring in powder, medium bumps, turns of various sizes, and is a very good carver on groomed. A fine choice for an all-terrain ski.

Crossmax 10 Pilot: Identical dimensions, but a stiffer topskin and shims under the free-floating Pilot bindings fore and aft change the feel dramatically. The ski is quite stiff. It loves hard snow, GS turns and speed, but I found it gave up versatility in the softer stuff. For someone who likes a stiff platform at all times, it would be a good choice, but personally, with my skiing style (I use a smoother touch as opposed to a power approach), I preferred the Scream 10 model for all terrain use.

Hope this is of use!
Be well!
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cool. thanks Mike_m
I am probably going to be looking to demo those as well.
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Mike_M I agree with your evaluation. I prefer the Crossmax 10 because of my skiing style. The Scream 10 Pilot is more versatile, but I went with the Crossmax 10 because I have a AK Rocket in the quiver.

dchan: You might also want to try the Crossmax 9. I think it is a sleeper.

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Ditto on the Crossmax 9
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I dont mean to pick out little details but the Scream 10 and Crossmax 10 do have different dimennsions... the Scream 10 being 108-70-101 and the crossmax 10 being 107-69-102, not sure what difference that makes if any in how they ski, but i thought id throw that out there. I just didnt want to be anal about it, or act like i know it all. I do look forward to skiing at least the crossmax 10 this season, ill post the results.
Later all
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After trying both of these skis, (including the crossmax 9 (great until I tried to do some high angle highspeed carves)) I liked the CrossMax10 better. So much so I just had to get a pair. (Canada pricing was so good I couldn't pass them up! better than the proform with tax)

See my new review.

The Pilot scream 10 I found had a bigger sweet spot but edge to edge performance suffered on the groomer side. Both were great skis but the crossmax was the clear winner under my boots!

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