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Asterisks knee braces

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So I checked earlier threads for this topic and couldn't find any usable information. Do any of you have any knowledge on how well these knee braces work? My knees are fine just getting sore Mid season after 3 to 4 days a week on them.
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Have you actually been to a knee specialist and had this checked to determine the problem and what will help?  Your stance could also be contributing to your knees getting sore.

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I have not had them looked at. I attributed it to the size drops and jumps I've been hitting this year. I do not get sore from skiing groomers. However I did plan on getting at.
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Damn, those are expensive.  Is there a reason you're looking at this brand?  There are lots of knee braces out there for less money.  I would think something in the $100-200 range might give you what you're looking for.


I agree with having a doctor look at your knees to see if there's a reason you're getting sore.  I went to have my knee checked.  I had scans done but they found nothing wrong with the knee.  I was sent to physical therapy to get exercises to strengthen it but it was pretty strong already.  I asked about a brace and got some advice that boiled down to me not needing one but it won't hurt to have some support and/or compression.  If nothing else the visit was worth it for peace of mind.  I currently wear a BioSkin brace which works okay but I'm looking for something that provides a bit more compression around the patella itself.

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    The biggest reason I  am looking at these is because of the Impact forces they are built to help with. For some reason I think I need to jump off everything and the landings sometimes are not the smoothest. I am more want them for protection against injury then helping support my knees.  With the time I spend weight training I am confident in my strength is fine. I like the fact that they are used in Motocross for the same reason. I already wear a set from the sporting good store just looking for more protection.

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    The biggest reason I  am looking at these is because of the Impact forces they are built to help with.



How do they help with impact forces?



I was previously aware of Ski Mojo ( ) which have springs and energy absorption.

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I have a set I will sell you for $300 + shipping.  That's about what I paid for them.  They are good and I know a few great skiers who use them everyday and swear by them.  I used them for a little over a week both alpine and tele.  They didn't inhibit my skiing, they just felt like more than I really wanted to deal with.

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