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Dalbello KR 2 core or Moro

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Looking at these boots for my next purchase do any of you have feedback on these boots?
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I ski in Dalbello Krypton Cross ID boots and am very satisfied with them.  They fit well, they're comfortable, the Intuition liners keep my feet warm and I like how they flex.  When I was looking I tried the Il Moro T and thought it would be great until I tried to take them off.  One of the slap ratchets stuck and it took two of us about 10 minutes to get it to release.  I'm sure it was a fluke but I bought the Cross boots because of that.  I didn't try on the Pro because I knew it would be too stiff.  The Cross set for the softest flex setting is just right.

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That's one thing I couldn't decide if the Id liners were the way to go. So thank you for the feedback. I was thinking the moro because of shin bang I get but the flex may be to light. I know the 130 flex in the Pro is to much. But the 110 in the core may be perfect.
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I highly recommend the Cores. I bought a pair of Rampages 3 seasons ago and have loved them. However, with the liners packed out, I was planning to get a pair of ID liners this year when I read the thread on the KR2 series having redesigned the contours of the lower boot to be more anatomic. Since I was already thinking of investing $200, I just went the rest of the way for the Cores. A call to Matt at Dalbello confirmed that the Cores were the most equivalent to the Rampages of the three KR2 choices.  In the meantime I also took the opportunity to go down a shell size, particularly after reading comments on how the KR2s had a slightly more generous fit. After 15 days on them, I would say that they are hands down the best boots I have ever been in. I'm skiing better and with more precise control, taking my game up a definite notch this year. Weighing 140#,  the flex of the Cores is perfect for me; I had one of the flex wedges in the lower position in the Rampages, but have so far gone without in the Cores. Can't comment on the Il Moros, but I can definitely recommend the Cores based on your comments above. A point not to be ignored is that the Il Moros, if I am reading the web site correctly, did not get the KR2 lower boot redesign.  I also love the ID liners, which have a much more precise and all-day enduring fit than the standard tongue liners that came in my Rampages.

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This post might be too late for the OP since he originally posted a month ago, but I just recently purchased a pair of the Dalbello KR 2 Fusion boots and am quickly falling in love with them. These boots are the closest thing to an off-the-shelf fit as I've found. Of course, proper fit has to do with the shape of one's own feet, but boy are these things pretty close to my feet. Trying them out on the ski hill yesterday, I felt as if I had a new level of control.

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^^^^ This. Fusions are Crosses done right. Keep in mind that the flex is adjustable, the number given is the max, not the minimum. 

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