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Boot for wide (fore?)feet

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       So I started a thread in the Gear forum but after I tried on some boots this is the continuation of that thread. Hopefully you can help me out.   I am really hard to fit boots and have really never had a proper fitting boot(though Im only 21yrs old).  My foot and toes are quite wide and boxed out - so my problem with footwear has been that they squish all my toes together together and cut off circulation..so I buy boots that are too big(bad).   


At the first shop today, I tried Rossignols and they were comfortable but not quite my foot form - too much volume and width.  So the guy put me in the Dalbello Axiom 9.  It was great - no other boot I tried before was so form fitting - the right width forefoot and toes(if not something they could pack out shell to get more width) and unlike the Salomons I have tried, they were snug over the top of my foot.  After about 10-15 minutes though my toes started losing a bit of circulation.  Apparently that is because the boot is putting too much pressure over the top of my foot where there are veins--something I was told could away with wear or the shop could modify the boot.  I could also get my heel to move up a little bit in this boot - the shop guy said "not a problem because we can help that")  but I was a bit skeptical.


Second shop (very knowledgeable boot fitter)--

tried the Nordica transfire r2 - top of tongue hurt my shin - no go.

Nordica Deadmoney - shin okay but these felt too loose over all.

Dalbello Krypton KR2 CORE - shin OK(not great), hard pressure point from tongue on top of my foot, pressure point on the side of ball of foot.  Boot fitter said the boot has too much wrong with it to fit even with modifications.

The boot fitter at this shop said that he thought the Axiom 9 was definitely too wide for my foot and that I needed a narrower boot to lock down my heel, which he was right, all of the above boots locked down my heel better than Axiom 9 but all needed shell width work.  He said that there really is not much you can do to remedy a heel that does not hold you down well(true???).  

He also said that my foot really isn't that wide, and the perceived width is the elasticity of my foot and arch  -- My foot and toes sprawl out wide when I put weight on it, yet my heel is narrow to average width.


This guy also suggested the following on his wall, but did not have them in my size.

Lange RX100

Salomon RS80

Dalbello Voodoo(he says these are a width between KR2 core and axiom 9)

I asked about surefoot and he said that they are a hard line not soft and dont have the usual soft comfortable liner.


Thanks for reading and I welcome any suggestions

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I'm not sure what you are asking?


thins might have your answer



boots can be made wider/bigger but it is hard to make them smaller/tighter.  and just about every boot, will need some custom work done to it

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I am wondering: if the Dalbello Axiom 9 fit my wide front forefoot well but didn't hold my heel down well(the heel is too wide?), is there someway to fix that? And given that information, is there a boot that will be more appropriate for my narrow heel, wide forefoot?
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you can make small boots bigger, but not big boots smaller.


as a boot (any brand) get narrower in the forefoot, it will be narrower in the hell too.   best to find one that holds your heel down, and make the forefoot wider as needed.    All brands will have something like this.   The real key is to look for  a good boot fiter, not a brand.

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