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Speed suit for slalom or gs

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Opinion on the best speed suit for a 14 year old girl. Spyder? New to the racing game, looking for used options. Let me know if anyone has suggestions on what to buy, or if you have a suit for sale.
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spyder are probably easier to find but the Louis garneau ones are also good

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For a 14 year old who is still growing, get whichever is the best bargain.

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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post

spyder are probably easier to find but the Louis garneau ones are also good



Louis Garneau are the best ones we have had so far. Spyder and Beyond-X ones pill like crazy and the Garneau one looks almost new after two seasons of use except for a few scuffs and small cuts on the ankle area. Spyder, however, has all the latest graphic designs, Garneau is a bit plain in comparison. I don't know know how well SRD suits wear.


I have one I could sell, but I am not sure that it would be one that you would be interested in. It's white/dark blue and is signed by the Canadian Men's Speed team. My son was about 5'8" when he outgrew it. Height is the first fit factor when looking for a suit. Can send exact size and picture if you want.

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get the best bargain...they'll probably be replaced in a couple years anyways.  Also make sure to get a GS suit, not a slalom suit.  The GS suit will have pads in the right places for hitting gates in GS, and won't really make a difference in slalom.  

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Both Spyder and SRD use Swiss Eschler fabrics in their FIS World Cup suits as they are the most elastic and meet the FIS regulations. SRD also uses a non-FIS material in their Europe series suits that do not pill. This fabric is not as warm or as elastic as Eschler.


Race suits are knot not woven (like a sweater) so pilling is inevitable as well as friction burns. We suggest keeping velcro away from the suits and storing in an old pillow case before you stuff it into your gear bag.

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