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Fischer Skis

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Anyone here have any experience with Fischer skis? What do you think of them in general? I'm looking at the Fischer Motive 80.

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Even though they get no love here on this forum or in the American marketplace.  Fischer skis are outstanding and represent an excellent value.  The quality of the materials and build are very good, where Fischer drops the ball is in marketing to the North American skier.  


I just skied the Motive 80 today in firm but chalky conditions.  It was a ton of fun, easy to carve and surprisingly held an excellent edge and was very stable for a ski without metal in it's construction. It also did well in rough off-piste conditions.  For an all-mountain, firm snow oriented ski, I would rate it very highly.  It compares favorably with the Rossignol Pursuit HP, Blizzard Magnum 8.0's, and Head Rev 80 Pro and would work well for a strong intermediate to expert level skier.


Recommend this ski highly, if you have a chance demo it, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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They seem to have much better market share here on the nordic front. I wonder why.
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I have a pair of 2011-12 Progressor 9+ skis.  On eastern hardpack, ice and groomers they are incredible with no speed limit.  They ski like they're on rails and handle any size turn I throw at them.  Where I find them disappointing is in mixed conditions and soft snow.  They're a lot of work to control but that's not a sign of their quality.  It's a detuned race ski and not an all-mountain ski.  Anyway, I bought a pair of Kastle MX88's to go along with the Fischers.  If the conditions are hardpack and icy I ski the Progressors, otherwise I'm on the MX88's.  That decision is more a function of how good the Kastles are, though.

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry I was away thats why it took so long. Anyways, I skied in Kitzbuhel last week and rented skis. 60euros for 2 days, yea thats quite a bit but the skis were nice. They gave me Fischer skis funny enough, Progressor 10+. At those rates I'll be buying very soon. A friend can get me Nordica's really cheap so I'll most likely get something from them.
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I'm still using my Watea 84 as my 'everyday' ski.  They are very smooth.  I have different skis for deep powder days, though I have no issue using the 84s anywhere anytime.

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I have Motive 84. Use it everyday and everywhere and love it - light and easy to control, yet has plenty of pop and power. The only place it doesn't work as well for me is deep powder.

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