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Pressure point under the uppermost buckle - problem with all boots

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I have a general problem with all boots I've tried so far. When I lean forward while skiing, all the pressure in my boots is exerted on a small surface on my shin, under the uppermost buckle. This soon becomes painful and leads me to tend to lean backwards and consequently ski worse and become tired faster.


I have thin and long feet and calves and the front of my shin is pretty narrow too. I've tried boots with a 100 and 98 last, including Lange RX 100 and Dalbello Krypton Pro, as well as some Nordica and Atomic models, and they fit better around my foot, but when leaning forward my weight was still supported on the 4th buckle. On the suggestion of a shop assistant, I also tried some Atomic race boots, which were a bit taller and in his opinion would provide a higher surface for my shin to rest on, but I had no success with those either. I also tried to tighten or loosen the individual buckles in all possible configurations, to no avail.


Please let me know if there is any way I could modify some boots to support my shin better, or if there is a certain model I should look for. Where I live, sadly the market is not very developed and there are no professional boot fitters. If useful, I can provide measurements, outlines of photos of my feet or calves.


I'm an intermediate level skier and as I progress and ski faster, this problem is becoming less and less tolerable. Is there any way I could solve it, or should I just take up snowboarding instead? :)

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can you add a small bit of badding, to the tongue, below the 2nd buckle to help balance out the pressure better?


also doing up the power strap around the liner only might help too.

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Yeah, thanks, I'm going to try that. About the power strap, you mean do it up higher than usual, so it goes above the plastic parts?

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not higher for sure, but between the shell (plastic) and the liner.



check your boots ar not too big.


lower volume will help too I bet.  made for a skinnier foot/leg.

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Thank you for the tip, I'm going to try that!


About the padding, I got the suggestion to use cork and to place it on the outside of the liner. Do you think that would be a good approach? Also, could it help if I placed some cork under the soles of the liners, to decrease the volume of the boot?


I was also suggested to read about the Fischer Vacuum fit technology, but they said that it could be hit or miss, as slight mistakes in the setup process can cause big problems later. What do you think about this one?

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try the cork and see how if feels.


fischer is an option, but not a magic bullet.   Will not solve the worlds problems.   Best to find a good boot fitter, rather then hunt for a product.  Its the mechanic. not the tools

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Ok, so I got a sheet of cork 3mm (0.12 inch) in thickness. Is there any recommended way to apply it? I was thinking about sticking it between the liner and shell, in the area under the third buckle, where the boots are too large. I was thinking I could stick it with either silicone or McNett Freesole. Do you think this is a good way to go?

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on the outside of the tongue,  contact cement.

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