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Southern NH recommendations?

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I am heading over to the area to visit friends for Presidents' day weekend. They live in the Nashua area, and we were hoping to get out skiing for a couple of days over the week-end. It has to be within day-trip driving distance, they need to keep home base because of a small baby. Any suggestions? Of the places close-by it kinda looks like Pats Peak might be the best option, but I know nothing about the resorts in the area, and they are new to that region too. Anyone who lives or visits there often able to offer any advice? 

I'm a progressing intermediate, my two friends are advanced skiers and we are also bringing along an absolute newbie who will need to take a lesson, so it has to be something with a variety of levels.


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In the general vicinity there is Crotched Mt. , Ragged Mt., Mt. Sunapee, and Gunstock all are about 1 hour from Nashua depending on traffic. Sunapee is run by the folks who run Okemo in Vt and they usually have top notch grooming at Okemo so I would suspect Sunapee would be the same.If they want to drive further north on Rte 93 you get Waterville valley, Loon and Cannon, these are bigger resort type areas with the attending crowds from the Boston market.

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Without a doubt I'm biased, BUT, come to Crotched. You will enjoy more mileage on varied terrain than anything around; near or far. The new hi speed quad gets you to the Summit in 3 min and 22 seconds and though the resort has gained some popularity because of it, there still isn't much for lines and they move fast.

We are less than an hour from Nashua.

The cafe is always clean and they have your standard menu of resort food. The adjoining Onset Pub has a great assortment of brews, and has expanded the "pub" area to include a rather large section with couches and easy chairs with coffee tables. The food from the pub is similarly priced with a TGIF or Chili's, and is tasty with ample portions.

The mountain has a family feel and there are several generations of families skiing and working there. I have yet to talk to someone that has visited Crotched that hasn't been happy with it and all say, hands down, way better than anything else in the area.

Some people are concerned about not having challenging terrain at a smaller (we have just over 1000' vertical) mountain. Ours is challenging enough for the race teams from Harvard, Brown, St. Anslem, UNH and several others. I rode the lift with a Harvard racer a couple weeks back and she said that one of the reasons Crotched was picked, was because they only have an hour and a half to train when classes start Crotched was the best place to get enough runs in on terrain suitable for their training.

There is plenty of terrain geared toward intermediate and advanced skiers. Nice groomers, some with man made features and some with groomed features. It's a blast. There are glades and lots of access to trails not on the trail map. If you just want to cruise or be challenged, we have it.

We have a couple new trails because of the new hi speed quad. Jupiter's Storm, will definitely get your attention, a narrow steep trail with a nice run out.

Our snow is great and I'll put it against any around. Absolutely top notch.

For the never evers we are one of the few that have a flat training area with easy slopes that can be side stepped up, next to the wonder carpet that brings you to the top of Launch Pad, our bunny slope, and is right next to the double chair that puts you on the mountain on an easy trail called Super Nova.

I recently updated the resort guide for Crotched in the forum here. Go to their site and look up "Discovery" for the new skier. It's a great deal. On he snow report page are some recent videos that show the look and feel of the mountain.

Send me a pm if you like and I'll answer any of your questions.

My signature has some links in it to CM.

Have fun,
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Wow. Now I want to go!
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"Come on down! The water's snow's fine!"


I've been bragging lately about all the mileage you can get at CM so today I did a little test.  For the first 1.5 hours of my 3 hour training session with my group, we did non stop runs; well as non stop as you can get with 4 6 y/o's and two 8 y/o's girl (lots of chatting and debates on who is riding the chair with whom).  Using the Rocket (Hi Speed Quad) and taking the same route each time; Jupiter's Storm, to NCC 1701, to Galaxy and finishing on Meteor (one black diamond and 2 greens and a blue), we did:


8 runs

5584 vert. ft

7.6 miles


The above is based on "Ski Tracks"


If it was a group of adults, we could have easily done 10 runs and quite possibly 12.  A bit of our time was ate up by stopping three times on each run to count noses, a ski coming off on the steep section, me telling them what to focus on for that run and miscellaneous other interruptions that come with coaching kids.  And of course the kids, though skiing well, aren't that fast on the steeps. 


That's an easy 20K of vert. in 6 hours.  33.5K if you push it.  It would also get you (about) 45 miles, provided you could maintain the pace for 6 hours.


Footnotes for the mileage was on the steeps we skied a narrow channel (cat track width), on the first green (has lots of features) we weren't turning much but going over features (whale backs and jumps), and then on the last two trails I was doing big GS carving turns and using the whole trail.


Have fun,


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