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Wavey Edges

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I'm doing a tune on a friend of a friends snowboard and I noticed huge waves in his edges, like to a point where i have trouble doing the edges. 



I'm a skier and know nothing about snowboards.  I'm not sure if this is normal, but i assume it isn't...Any thoughts?


It's a Rossignol OneMagTek 2012


NM, guess it's how it's designed....that's funky.

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Lib Tech had it first and called it magna-traction.  It really helps with edge grip on hard snow.

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Snow wonder he does not tune his own gear! IIRC there are special tools for tuning these edges.

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It's not too bad, I just turn my moon flex sideways but doing that mean I have to clean it a lot more. Sadly I'm the only one that does my own gear, I find it relaxing. Me and my friends are going to fernie this weekend and I literally have 4 snowboards and 3 pairs of skis to do before then, on the bright side I don't need to bring any alcohol on the trip any more lol.
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mmmm  - Fernie!


Beware of locals under the influence of Vegemite!

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