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atomic 10.20's

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Haven't seen alot written about the 10, just the 11 this year. Anyone with input over the course of the year is appreciated. Happen to be a serious Atomic fan. Just want to find the right ski. Sold my 2000-01 Atomic 10.20 last year while they were still worth something, with the thought that my 190 pound frame skiing here in the northeast would enjoy a 170 cm 10.20. Whatta ya think?
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Whoops, thought this would go into the gear general, sorry....
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Damn guy...190 on a 170? I'm 138 on the 180 and they're perfect. Do a search on my handle for my reactions to the 10.20s last season.
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Flexed em' yesterday up in No. Conway, depending on the sizing...I think you can go a size longer...they're not that stiff, a little stiffer in front...lending it to maybe a slightly longer than *short* turn radii.... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sounds like a good idea if your looking for a little more excitement out of the ski. If you're looking for just a cruising ski, i wouldn't suggest dropping to the 170.
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