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Which one???

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Gosh, too many really good skis to choose from!


I could use your input!
I am going to buy new boards, currently looking at 3) Atomic Crimson Ti; Volkl RTM 84 and Blizzard Magnum 80 Ti. Can't Oh, 5'8" 170 aggressive hard charging expert. Looking to replace my front-side skis with more of an "all mountain", one quiver ski which are currently Fischer 9's.

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You can't go wrong with any of those; I've skied all three and thought they were all fine skis (not that anyone else's opinion of a ski is relevant for what you'll experience).


From my own demoing and reading reviews, it seems the Atomic Crimson Ti would be the most "versatile" ski of those.  The 8.0 feels like a frontside ski.  The RTM 84 in interesting in that the whole ski is slightly rockered.  That would be the obvious one you might not want to by until you tried it yourself.

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