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Atomic SL2 skis

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Hello - Would anyone know which bindings might be compatible with a pair of atomic SL2 skis? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Here's a pic of the mounting holes.....
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Here's a pic of the mounting holes.....
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This is not much of an answer, but, due to the binding plate that's integrated into the ski, you need to find a shop that carries Atomic (Brand Name) bindings. I doubt you can use other manufactures bindings on that ski.


Perhaps a thread bump will get you a better response.

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Thanks for the  reply - I saw a pair at the mountain yesterday and they had 612s, so that gives me some idea. I'll take them to the shop as you suggest.

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That plate ONLY accepts bindings with the Xentrix hole pattern or Centro (demo/rental) bindings. The Xentrix have been out of production for a few years now, so you will need to look for used or Old New Stock that a shop might have.


Neox and X-Race DO NOT work.

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The skis you have are Atomic SL 11 (eleven), not two. Some of the bindings that will fit have a din range of 3-10, 3-11, 4-12, and 6-14 and are labeled 310, 311, 412, and 614. As Betaracer noted the names include Race, RaceRace, C, R, SX, Device, Dynamic ADX, RD, followed by the din, example Race 412.


There are new old stock Atomic bindings on ebay most of them have a asking price of at least $150 so as high as $229. The least expensive route is to buy some old Atomic skis with the bindings on them and transfer them to your skis. Your skis have three sets of holes to accommodate a large range of BSL (boot sole length). There are notes on the binding plate advising which holes to use. The toe and heel are connected with a steel strap that allows the user to move the toe and heel forward or backward with out remounting the bindings or even using a screwdriver.


As Betaracer noted the current Atomic bindings will not work.

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