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atomic 9.12 vs. 9.16

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I'm in the market for a competition slalom ski, but i've had mixed feedback about these skis. Any idea?
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There are a number of issues to consider when deciding between these two models. What level of competion? Your personal aspects (weight, strength, ...)?

Shape, core, and binding plate are the main differences in the ski. The 9.16 is a more stable ski at higher speeds because of the titanium powerchannel and the larger turn radius. It also has a plate that allows for a more unhindered flex. The 9.12 is a more nervous ski, since the carbon powerchannel has much quicker rebound. The 12m turn radius also limits the ski to use in slalom courses and fun carving. The slalom model used by the Atomic World Cup skiers is a hi-bred of the 9.12 and 9.16. The ski has the shape of the 9.12, but uses the construction of the 9.16.
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I weigh about 180 and race balls out. I used to race competively and need that feeling of a ski that won't wash out when i put it to the test in an icy slalom course. Does the 9.12 have enough stiffness to take that kind of a beating? Being the new kid on the block(9.12) i figured i'd give it a try, but if it can't bite the bullet then i'll go with a ski i know can(9.16).
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Bro, 9.16 would be my suggestion. 170cm, since 160cm might be too short.
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I'm really interested in the 9.12 after reading the review at peterkeelty.com. Also, I figure I can save a few $ by driving up from Seattle and shopping in Vancouver, BC. What would be the best shop?

I'm not a racer but looking for a quick fun ski for those not so good off piste days at Whistler. I had a great time last year on the Rossi T-Power Cobra S at 160 cm. I'm only 140 lbs and 5' 5" with 30 years of skiing. The Atomic rep at the Seattle Ski Expo suggested 160 cm for an easier recreational ride. What do you think?

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If I had to choose between these two skis (9.12 and the 9.16) which would be better in moguls?

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Chugach Jon,

In Vancouver;

Comor Sports (www.comorsports.com)

Skyline Sports
5395 West Boulevard, Vancouver, BC
(604) 266-1061

Mad Dog's Source For Sports
#128 19653 Willowbrook Dr. Langley, BC
(604) 534-6164

North Shore Ski & Board
1625 Lonsdale North Vancouver, BC
(604) 987-7245

In Whistler;

Whistler Village Sports
4254 Village Stroll Whistler, BC
(604) 932-3327

Summit Ski
4050 Whistler Way Whistler, BC
(604) 932-6225

100 4253 Village Stroll Whistler, BC
(604) 938-7755

Comor Sports (www.comorsports.com)

All the shops listed are Atomic dealers, though specific models might not be stocked. All could order the desired ski as needed. Call to make arrangements.

The length should not be longer than 160cm, but I might even suggest you drop to 150cm if you want to use it puerly as a fun carver. Go with the longer length if you want to use it a little more over the whole mountain.


I wouldn't choose either for a mogul ski. The 9.16 has titanium power channels which could bend if slammed into moguls, and the 9.12 has too much shape. If I were looking for a pure mogul ski, I wouldn't look in Atomic's line-up. Atomic does offer an all-mountain ski which is good in the moguls. The Beta Ride 8.20 has a less-flared tail, and last season's Beta Ride 9.20 and 8.20 have that same shape, but can be mounted with ANY binding. This season's 8.20 comes with the Device Binding System.

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Thanks for list of dealers and the advice on length. I bought skis, boot and bindings a few years ago at Can-Ski in Whistler and was happy with their service. I am just hoping to make a quick jaunt to Vancouver pick up the skis, head to MEC for some climbing gear, toss the price tags away and mail myself the receipts so I can get the GAT back at a later time. I had a friend who got nailed for duty when US Customs found his hidden receipts for gifts last year. It is amazing the tricks to save a few $.

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Let me rephrase the question so that I don't get a "wouldn't use either" answer.

You're kicking back between time trials and doing some freeskiing on your slalom race boards (no if's and's or but's, you ARE on your race boards) and you turn down onto a run full of moguls.

Which ski would you rather have underneath you in order to get down with the least amount of hassle? Your choice is between the Atomic Beta Race 9.12 (160 cm) and the Atomic Beta Race 9.16 (170 cm).


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If you ski with finesse, then I would say the 9.16 would be the race slalom ski that would be better in the bumps. The extreme shape of the 9.12 will allow for carving through the troughs, but when pivoting is required, the skis might become extra hooky.

IF you are racing, get the ski that works best for you in that situation. For the odd venture into the moguls, either ski should suffice.
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If you are sill looking for either the Atomic 9.12 or 9.16 try calling
1-866-SKI-DEAL.They have the lowest prices around and will not charge you SHIPPING or TAX. Please tell him Bobby sent you. If you would like to contact me here is my e-mail, bobbyharouni@aol.com
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