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Will I outgrow these skis too quickly?

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Hi everyone,
I just purchased my first skis, on a great deal from Levelnine. I went with Head Peak 74. I seemed to be in between sizes. I'm 5'10 and about 152-154 lbs. I'm pretty new, but getting my skills up quite fast. I am currently skidding my turns on blues and the plan was to use these to progress to carving properly and getting comfortable on all the black runs as well. At my size, I went with the 163, over the 170. Seems to be right for my level and a bit above, but I'm concerned that if I manage to get to higher speeds they'd be too short. Might be a bit of buyer remorse and after-the-fact woulda/shoulda... Any thoughts? Anyone remember being in my situation and at this stage want to share their experience?
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where/ how do you ski?

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I ski mostly (actually until now exclusively) groomed front-side not-too-far-from-ski-patrol resort trails. However, I will want to expand, and I may be forced to do so quickly: I received an amazing invite from my friends to join them for free in Vail for 3 days. I'll probably still be on the cat trails and blues there, but I like the idea of trying at least the easiest of bowls. The issue is not about my CURRENT level, they're fine for that, but I would want to keep these skis at least a couple of years, not have to upgrade after just a few outings...


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So I take it you ski in the east?  If I'm guessing right, 163 is OK.  For eastern skiing you typically want a smaller size than for western skiing, so 163 will definitely be OK.  If you are skiing out west I would definitely say you are skiing them too short.  If you prefer longer turns and are willing to give up some quickness, the 170 is better.  The opposite is true for the 163.  Shorter will be better in the trees and bumps.  Longer will be better on the groomers (if you are making medium to long radius turns and letting the things run).

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Thanks. I might consider starting a quiver at some point if I get good enough, so I'll stop worrying about them for now. They will be too short for the West trip, but then again it will be VERY rare that I get out there, so no biggie. I just got back from a day at Whitetail. A lot of fun, I can definitely tell that this length is good in the moguls and for avoiding the brown patches that started forming early to mid-morning in the 50 degree weather! 

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If you can pull it money-wise, I would just demo if I were you when you head out west.  Enjoy the skis and don't worry about them.  

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