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New boots too small?

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Hi all,


I just bought a pair of Dalbello Scorpion 105 boots in 24.5. My regular shoe size is a women's US 9, and these say that the 24.5 is an equivalent of a woman's US 7. When I tried them on in store, they fit well, but the ones I tried on were worn previously and presumably packed out a bit. The ones I took home were brand new and in the same size, but when I put them on they feel like they are way too small.  My toes are bent when standing up right, and are fairly squished when I flex forward.  I took out the liner to double check the shell size, and there is definitely at least .5" between my heel and the back. That should be the right size, correct?  Or did I buy them too small? :/

I'm nervous about going skiing in them if my feet are too cramped... Any tips on how to stretch out the liners at home?  They claim to be heat moldable, but I'm not sure what that means. 


Thanks :).

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Stretching the liners probably won't fix your problem if the shell is small, but it doesn't sound to me as if it should be.  Forget the conversion.  If you measure a 24 and the Scorpion is a 24 it is probably the correct length for you, especially since they run a little long.  But the only way to correctly tell is to do a shell fit.



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The boot you purchased sounds a bit small to me if you are a womens 9. You would be closer to a 25.0, 25.5 or 26.0 being the largest. Keep in mind these are estimates from the sizes you gave and are not to be taken as absolutes. That can only be determined in person by a professional.


When you were in the ski shop how long did you leave the pair of boots on your feet? Did the sales person/boot fitter shell size you? Did you discuss length and how down-sizing would feel? Are you using a replacement footbed or the stock spacer that came with the boots?


A 1/2” behind the heal would be a tight fit. Could it work...sure, but right off the shelf with no custom fitting, not usually. Keep in mind length is only part of the equation, width is also a consideration. Many people, including men, wear a larger size shoe because they have wider feet than average. Even though shoes can be stretched, it is not common, where as in the ski industry, purchasing a small boot, stretching and making modifications is common place.


What also comes into play is your ability, what size you have fit in the past, and if you have a good (preferably great) boot fitter that will work with you if you choose to down-size your ski boots. Bottom line, you should be able to get a ski boot that holds you foot secure and stable without hurting or cutting off circulation.


You will be lucky to purchase a boot off the shelf, down-size the shell and have a correct fit.


Good luck

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Thank you for your responses!  I checked the shell fit again this morning, and it's tough to measure, but I definitely have room in there.  The liner was just way too tight.  So I went to a boot fitter, and they stretched the front of the liner a bit and it feels so much better.  They also said that the shell fit was good, not super roomy, but definitely not too small. I'm much happier now :).

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