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Tahoe advice needed

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Flying into Reno in a month for a week of skiing. Any suggestions for a ski rental shop in Reno area? Couple days here a couple days there would make it convient to use a shop near Reno. Also any all mountain ski suggestions? Strong intermediate skier that wil try to experience everything a mountain has to offer. Would like to have a ski for snow/powder days, groomers and packed skied out snow. Any opinions on under foot size? Me 6 ft 200lbs To ski home in pa conditions don't really change so therefore I don't really stay up on the latest skis.
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Don't know about a shop but once you find one see what they have to rent and ask their advice--you could wind up with recommendations for 10 skis and the shop has none of them.  Search for the thread on 98mm skis for more specifics--that seems to be the one ski quiver flavor of the month.

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In Reno check out Mogul Maus or Mouse or something like that; large store with major inventory and good discounts.

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Try giving Bud  Heishman  at snowind sports in the basement of the grand sierra reno a call.


He is a another Bear on this site

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